Anniversary Week V – Fantasy Man Fridays

Well, here it is, the last post of the week and what a week it’s been! I didn’t get a thing written fiction wise, but I’m strangely okay with that. It’s allowed me time to think about what I’ve written so far and analyze what I’m doing wrong (because you know I’m doing something wrong).

Fantasy Man Fridays were my way of sharing my joy in men. I’m sure I’ve mentioned at some point in the past year how much I love looking and listening to men. They’re interesting and some of them are just dead sexy. I’ve also discovered that a lot of people enjoy my Fantasy Man Fridays.

Then, I realized…I’m perverted. I don’t know when this happened, but I’ve developed a raunchy sense of humor and apparently I’m not ashamed to share it! Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not perverted in a bad way. It’s the people watching thing. I just take it a little further when a good-looking man is in the vicinity.

Case in point, earlier this week, I had to watch a sample well being dug. So I donned my hard hat and headed out. Twice. Yes, I went back twice because the man digging the well? Let’s just say, I’m glad I was wearing dark safety glasses cause I wasn’t watching what he was doing so much as how he looked doing it. I just have one word…”NIIIIICE”.

So to close out this Anniversary Week and to celebrate Fantasy Man Fridays…I have two gentlemen for you to enjoy. I’d like to see which one you prefer though, so please, share your thoughts!

First up:

He can hog the sheets ANYTIME! Oh yeah…Okay, I’m sort of speechless, so I’ll move on to the next Fantasy Man…

Um, so they look like they could be brothers. I’m picturing a Danica sandwich…shame on me! But really, would you kick either of these men out of your bed for being bed hogs? Hells no! In fact, I’d want them to hog the bed…with me squished between them. *fans herself*

So, what do you think? Did I do good for the finale of Anniversary Week? Which man would you prefer, or are you like me? Greedy and not ashamed to admit it?

Have a great weekend everyone and a lovely, lovely Friday!

P.S. The well digging man didn’t look like these men…but I have a great imagination!


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14 responses to “Anniversary Week V – Fantasy Man Fridays

  1. LOL @ “Danica sandwich”, all I can say is you go girl!! My vote is for #2, woohoo-he can make, or unmake, my bed any time 😉

  2. You did good, girl! Danica sandwich, oh my…

  3. KAK

    Now *that* is the way to celebrate the 200th. Congrats…and if your man-wich has brothers…you lemme know. 😉

  4. Stacy McKitrick

    You did great, but who can pick? They’re both scrumptious!

  5. romancemama

    So I guess the next WIP will be “Danica Sandwich,” an erotica?

    • Bwahahaha!!

      Romancemama – it might be, but first I’ll have to find these lovely men for some fun- I mean research. *cough*
      Stacy – They are wonderful…le sigh.
      Misa – LOL
      KAK – If they have brothers, they might be occupied as well *waggles her eyebrows*
      Latessa – Ooh yes, #2 is so coy! I mean, look at that sheet. He’s practically daring you to rip it away!

  6. Danica, we must be long lost sisters, because I do love me some people watching–especially the kind of people watching you have been up to. Next time call me. I’ll bring popcorn. 😉

    I have to go with contestant #1. Mostly because my lovely imagination has crafted an incredibly vivid… OMG was it vivid… scenario that totally explains that pose. Oh and it’s the display of shoulders. I’m weak, what can I say.

    Now that I’ve said that… the imagination has crafted a little somethin-somethin’ for contestant #2 and… yeah now I’m digging the sandwich idea. 😉

  7. Yes Yes Danica. I would be a well digger watchin fool. My heroine, Wren learned, sometimes there just is no deciding. Bring on the sandwiches, we’ve got the fixins.


    Eden Glenn

  8. Your Fantasy Men are both very tasty but I think that I like number one the best cause he doesn’t look as polished.

    Keep the men rolling in…I so look forward to Fridays!

  9. Number one hunk looks more relaxed and natural as if he’d just fallen asleep after…well, this is not an X-rated blog so I will leave it at that. Thanks for the LIFT.

  10. Nom.

    You know, we ought to start up a man candy blog tour. 😉

  11. Linda

    I go for the sandwich

  12. Gabrielise

    Sandwich it is! Yummy! *fanning vigorously* You know strapping boys like that want extra meat in their sandwiches….

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