Fantasy Man Friday

Yet another week ended. I hate that time actually passes, but I do so love my Fridays.

I’m really going to dress shop tomorrow. This time I actually mean it. I can’t put it off any longer. Hopefully nothing else comes up to steal away my Saturday. *crosses her fingers* I think I’ll also be having a sister day. My sister and I are planning to get our hair done together, then go shopping for dresses. Our mom will be joining us, so it’ll definitely be a girl day, I think. I frequently sigh with envy because I can shop for anyone but myself. I know what would look good on someone else. Me? Pffth. Everything looks like crap.

So this has been an insane week, hasn’t it? Seminars, Golden Heart and RITA finalists announced, dress shopping…crazy, crazy. We all need to relax and bask in some masculine beauty. That’s what I’m here for, folks. I’m trying to help you all with my Fantasy Man Fridays.

Ahem…I’m feeling better, how about you? He looks like he needs a little help getting those underwear off of him. I’m an excellent undresser (I don’t care if it isn’t a real word), been doing it all my life. Hell, I could probably even get a degree in it. I could definitely help him get that off of him.

There’s now a puddle of drool on my keyboard. Pardon me while I mop it up. What do you guys think? Does he make you feel less stressed?


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11 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. KAK

    Ya know, lime green has always been a favorite color… ::cough::

  2. I, um,..yeah. Stress? What stress?

    I suddenly have a craving for lime popsicles. Anyone else?

  3. Marne

    What a LOVELY way to start my Friday… He just inspires the muse and gets those juices flowing… Creativity juices, I mean…

    • Marne – Your muse is very discerning, I’m sure…
      Danielle – Lime popsicles, why yes, I’d LOVE one!
      KAK – I agree, lime green looks so good. On the floor next to my bed!

      You know ladies…if I had been the least bit organized, I could’ve made this lovely lad a St. Patrick’s Day Fantasy Man. Here’s yet another question…do you suppose those undies are edible? Bwahahaha

  4. SERIOUSLY why do you do this every friday!

  5. I quite like this one…he looks naughty…might need a spanking!

  6. Jeezy-pete, Danica! Where did you find him? What a nice way to begin the weekend!

  7. I was happily working until I saw him and then i couldn’t get my mind back on task! *wink*

  8. Holy cripe, Danica! Am I glad I swung over here to your blog. Now I get the whole lime green thing that Tonya mentioned on her blog. Wow, was not thinking anything close to underwear.

    And yes, I have been so darn stressed for the past two weeks and this photo just completely wiped it away. Like a good massage.

    I know where I will be every Friday 🙂
    You should come to my blog on Wednesdays. *wink wink*

  9. BTW, I just put your blog on my blogroll at Past The Print ! Have a wonderful week!

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