Next Stop, Yawnville

So yesterday I attended a work seminar. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I’m an environmental assistant. I came into this position from within the company, so I have a lot to learn. Which is why they sent me to learn about hazardous waste storage, transport, and anything else you never wanted to know about it.

It was out-of-town, but not so far away that I had to sleep at the hotel, so I tore out of my driveway at 6:10 that morning. Ugh. UGH! I almost passed up my office because I didn’t recognize it in the dark. That’s how bad it was. After I did what I had to there, I hit the road for the long trek to Lafayette (Louisiana, of course).

I’ll freely admit…I took the wrong turn to the hotel. I’m punctual. I can’t help it. It’s a quirk. I must get where I’m going on time, or it puts me in a bad mood the rest of the day. I drove the speed limit the entire time and trust me, it wasn’t easy. But out of fear of earning a speeding ticket, thus being late for the seminar, I gritted my teeth and kept my foot off the pedal.

I made it to the seminar with one minute to spare. And there were several times throughout the day that I wish I had gotten lost. It was hell. HELL (which ironically, was one of the songs I listened to on the way there: Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers…if you’ve never heard of this song, well, it’s interesting).

Anyway! There was this beautiful man with red hair in the seminar. Great features and I would’ve taken a picture but my phone was wonky about memory *sniff*. So when I wasn’t pretending interest in the lecture, I was staring at him…or trying not to strangle the man next to me who was eating ice. I don’t mind people eating ice. I do it myself, but I try not to do it when you can hear people breathing in a room (yes, it was that quiet).

Um…what else. The instructor was kind of funny, he had a lot of good stories to make it interesting. Lunch was pretty good (turtle cheesecake did wonders for my mood). But the banquet room was stifling. OMG. Honestly. It was horrible.

The wonderful, wonderful instructor let us get out of there early and in my haste to leave, I left my jacket behind. *sniff* Didn’t realize it until I was halfway home. Now I have to try to get the sucker back somehow.

Probably the worse part of the entire day is…even when I did pay attention (which I tried, I really tried)…I still can’t recall anything I learned. My head was filled with information and I know there’s something important I should remember to pass along to my boss, but…I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it was!

So now that I’ve put you all to sleep…have you had to attend any work seminars or lectures to help your job? How did you survive?


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2 responses to “Next Stop, Yawnville

  1. Of course! AND yes it’s pure H-E-L-L!! Funny, I take a pad of paper and beginning writing on my WIP! Seriously~It looks like I’m taking notes when really I’m working on my novel.

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