Have I Become Mommy Dearest?

Okay, so I don’t have children, I have pets. After this weekend, I’m thinking it’s better this way (for my own health).

Last week I noticed my 8-year-old miniature Schnauzer wasn’t acting like herself. She was sleeping more, not showing interest in her food, and had mucus coming out of her eyes. I was frantic after doing on-line research. Ever notice how helpful, yet paranoid inducing the internet is?

So I made my little girl an appointment with the vet on Saturday morning. We spent nearly 3 hours there because the vet feared Mia might have pancreatitis or an infected uterus. Yes, freak out was imminent. Especially since the vet wanted to get x-rays of my baby. When they took her in the back, the tears started to fall. I hate crying in public. It flat out bothers me, but there was no helping it.

As a result of my attempts to be strong and stoic, my mom decided she needed to come sit with me at the vet’s office. There were no more tears after my initial breakdown, but the news wasn’t the best. My Mia has a kidney infection, which the vet is hoping can be cleared up with antibiotics. They had to give her fluids and anti-nausea medication. And as for the mucus in her eyes, that’s from pink eye (I didn’t know dogs could get pink eye).

Now to the title of the post. Because of her weakness from not eating, the vet suggested we syringe food into her mouth if she wouldn’t eat on her own. That’s what I did this weekend: force fed my dog. She hates it, I hate it, but there’s no help for it. Not only do I have to force her to eat, but I also have to shove pills down her throat.

This makes me out to be the bad guy because every time I go near her to administer more medicine or try to tempt her to eat, she tries to wiggle away from me (very slowly). *sigh* I’m worried about her. So much so, that I was tempted to call in to work today, but if I don’t work, I won’t have money to pay for more vet bills.

So is this something all moms feel? Like even though their intentions are good, they’re the bad guy, or mommy dearest? I’m not sure I could have children if this is how I behave with my pets because knowing she’s scared and wary of me, breaks my heart.


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6 responses to “Have I Become Mommy Dearest?

  1. You are certainly a mom! You just don’t have to put up with things like my 12 year old’s favorite thing to do right now: He yells, “I hate you!” and slams his door.

    Your baby will forgive you as soon as the poor thing gets to feeling better. Sending hugs to you and hopes for a speedy recovery for your baby.

  2. Tammy.. My oldest is 7 and he’s already doing that. Sign of more terrible things to come? Eek!

    Having to force feed her and shove pills into your beloved baby isn’t the worst thing you’ll ever have to do whether it be for a furbaby or a real baby.

    I’ve had to force feed my own boys, aged 4 and 7. When my oldest refused to take his ADHD meds in the morning.. I have to force those in as well. No meds means a bad day for everyone.

    You do what must be done because you’re their mom and that’s what moms do.

    Hugs! It will get better.

  3. KAK

    Like you, I don’t have the two-footed type of child; however, my four-footed ones avoid the “brushing zone” like the plague. When they’re called over, they arrive with heads down, tails tucked, ears back, and that look of “whaddIdowrong.”

    Yep, I apologize to them for brushing out their mats. I apologize for trimming their feet. I apologize for cleaning their ears. Once a week they’re “punished” like this, simply because I love them.

    The next time you reach for your wire hangers, remember, Nazareth was right. Looooove huuuuuurts.

    • Aw y’all, thanks. I don’t feel so bad now.

      KAK – when she’s feeling good, if I even LOOK like I’m taking out her ear medicine, she’s hiding in another room and won’t come to me. Then she when I get her in my lap, she looks at me with those long eyelashes of hers like I’m killing her. *sigh*

      Danielle – You’re right, mom’s do what they must even if it isn’t what’s popular.

      Tammy – I comfort myself with the knowledge that she can’t speak. I would really, really hate to hear what she’d have to say about her current treatment *cringe*

  4. Poor baby! I have two mini schnauzers and one of them has to have the heart meds enalipril everyday. He takes it from me like candy, but when my DH tries to give it to him, my baby refuses to eat it.

    Last weekend I we were out of town and my one little boy (schnauzer-trust me, my kids were rejoicing b/c we left them with friends) was so upset, he started throwing up, not sleeping or eating. My sister called and was so worried. When I got home, he miraculously cleared up and was so happy to see his mommy!

    Kidney infections will take it out of a human so give her some time. Make her some rice or noodles and see if she eats those.
    Fingers crossed.

    We are going to have to show eachother pictures of our babies at nationals.

  5. LOL, I’m always happy to show off my baby girl and I love cooing over others.

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