Tales of a Groomswoman Part 1

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but my younger brother is getting married in June. It’s weird. I remember him as this little boy who followed me around and ruined my social life (as an 8-year-old, visiting my friend across the street was a social life).

So he’s getting married and really, this will be the first big wedding my family has seen in over 20 years. We’re not a big family, and the last few weddings were simple ceremonies in front of a Justice of the Peace, or a minister at someone’s home. My brother’s wedding, on the other hand, will be a true Catholic wedding.

My future sister-in-law has seven bridesmaids. We don’t have that many men in our family. Sadly enough, or not so sadly, the women outnumber the men. He came up with four groomsmen, borrowed one from his bride-to-be’s family, and still had two slots left. He was going to leave them open, which would’ve just looked funny. So what did he do? He asked me and my cousin, Jenny, to stand in as groomswomen.

Thankfully, we won’t have to walk with the bridesmaids because that would just be weird. We’re not wearing tuxes either. No, we have to find…dresses. I’m shuddering even while I type this. I’m not a dress type person. I never have been. I tried talking them into kilts. I can do a kilt, but no, my sister-in-law nipped that idea in the bud.

So this weekend, my cousin and I are braving New Orleans to find something appropriate to wear. Problem is, we’re so not the same size. What looks good on her won’t look good on me, and vice versa. We’ll have to compromise, which when it comes to two hard-headed females, might not work out.

I’m hoping that whatever we do find, I’ll be able to wear again, possibly for the RWA awards banquet. Then I can justify my spending money on a…ick, dress.

I’ll blog about this more and more, the closer the wedding gets, so I hope you’re all prepared for some fun!


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7 responses to “Tales of a Groomswoman Part 1

  1. A black dress would be a good option. You would fit in with the tuxes and every woman needs a black dress.

  2. KAK

    How about a tuxedo dress? Better yet, you and the Cuz find dresses in the same fabric but different cuts so neither of you will look like cake toppers.

  3. Weddings…gack! I got married in front of my fireplace with a hand full of people…

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