Fantasy Man Friday

I suddenly have the urge to use that echo voice you hear on really bad radio commercials. Friday-Friday-Friday…yeah, okay. It doesn’t work as well in text.

Moving on. This has been a long week. Well, technically it’s the same length as every week, but these last five days have felt like weeks. The one thing I can say about it, however, is that it’s beautiful. The weather cleared up after Tuesday and the sun is shining. Gorgeous, gorgeous weather.

If you’ve followed my blog this week, you’ll remember that I attended a concert on Tuesday night. Now, I’m not going to go into the concert again, but that concert put me in mind of sexy musicians. I’m not going to show pictures of them. Instead, today’s Fantasy Man is a man I wish was a rock star. You know, so I could go to his shows and sit in the very first row…

Oh yes, he is wearing a KILT. Hubba, hubba, woo-woo. I mean, really. Would you pass up the chance to see this man on stage? Don’t lie. He could sing Macarena for all I care as long as he’s whipping that kilt left and right offering me a glimpse of his non-underwear wearing self. Yes, I’m perverted. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I’m practicing for retirement. You heard me! I’m going to be that dirty old lady who tells all the good-looking orderlies to sit on her lap. *shrug* Everyone has to have a dream.

What do you think of today’s fantasy man? Does he make you wanna woot-woot?


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9 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. OMG!!! Don’t forget that you’d throw your panties at him! LOL All I can say is he is definitely drool worthy!

  2. MichelleR

    Nothing says sexy like a man in a kilt!

    • Tammy – Panties? I’d be throwing myself at him!
      Michelle – I agree. Gotta love a man in a kilt. It shows how comfortable they are with their masculinity, plus the added benefit of being schexy.

  3. A KILT??? I die for a man in a kilt!!!

  4. darynda

    OMG, a kilt??????? Heaven on Earth right there, baby.

  5. Yes, oh yes…he is quite fine!
    Great choice!

  6. As a happily married woman married to a 6 foot 4 inch blue-eyed blond Scot who owns 2 kilts, I must say this photo had me licking my lips. A bit young for me, but I still have eyes. Thanks for starting my heart this morning!

    • Tanya – Oh yes, but I’d swoon. Right into his arms, or at least at his feet for a peek up the kilt, bwahaha!
      Darynda – Heaven on Earth and every place in between!
      Angie – Thank you, thank you. I do work hard to pick the right Fantasy Man. I didn’t realize everyone shared my love of men in kilts though!
      Nancy – Glad you enjoyed it! Especially when you have your own kilted Scot!

  7. Nancy…your own kilt???!!!

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