Big Brother Syndrome?

I’m a middle child. I have an older sister whom I love dearly, but when I was younger, I had this obsession with wanting an older brother. I adopted all of my sister’s friends as the big brothers I never had (she was a tomboy).

You’d think I would have grown out of this need, but apparently I haven’t. Now, I know I overanalyze myself. I’m always peering into my mind wondering what motivates me to do certain things, but I turned that analytical assessment on two of my favorite books/series.

I recently re-read the Malloren series by Jo Beverley. This is after I’d read the Bedwyn series by Mary Balogh. In both series, each family has an older brother who holds the family together. They’re the driving force behind the family’s success. They’re the ones who, in the end, solves the problems for their siblings, or at least helps them solve their problems. They’re also the loneliest member of the family, thought to be cold, soulless, too proper, manipulating, etc. You get the idea.

Out of each series, the stories about Rothgar and Wulfric Bedwyn touched me the most. I wanted them to find their love, to finally thaw a bit under the eye of a good woman. I wanted their happiness, just as much as I would my own family members. I could see in each story, just how much these men cared for their siblings.

Is it the big brother syndrome? Or is it just that I enjoy a story about siblings who care for each other? I’m not entirely sure. I don’t feel this depth of connection with all series books I read about siblings, which leads me to think it’s the big brother syndrome.

I love my younger brother and older sister. In fact, I feel responsible for them at times, not that they need me to. This is probably largely due to my naturally bossy nature, but I believe my own personality makes it that much easier for me to connect with Rothgar and Wulfric and that’s why I enjoy their books so much.

If you’d like to compare them yourself, Rothgar’s book is called Devilish, and Wulfric’s book is Slightly Dangerous. Both are historical romances, and both are very good.

What books have made you wonder why you enjoyed it so much?


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2 responses to “Big Brother Syndrome?

  1. I’m not as deep as you are. I’ve never wondered what my motivations were for liking a book. Now I will! OOOh, this isn’t good. LOL

    • LOL, I wouldn’t say I’m ‘deep’, so much as always wondering. And really, it’s only because I enjoy those books so much that I thought about it, lol. Thanks for commenting!

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