Book Winner

Well, it’s the start of another week. First, let me announce that Eden Glenn has won a free book! Eden send me an e-mail at so I get your information and find out which book you’d like me to send to you.

This is what Eden came up with via Facebook:

Hero comes into the kitchen. heroine turns at some small sound he makes clenching a large wooden spoon in her fist. I can see the heroine gasp with eyes a big as a deer in a spot light, jaw dropping to see his buff unclad self standing in her kitchen.

Hero comments, “Noodle’s hot.”… See More

“Yeah, it is.” she answers him with a squeak, her eyes focused on the bath sheet held across his pelvis.

“No I mean, you’re boiling over.”

“Yeah, can’t help it.”

Hero cocks his head to the side one eyebrow raised in commentary to her distraction and points to the pot of pasta boiling over in the hearth.

This had me giggling madly.

So the Olympics are over. I’ll admit to being disappointed that the US couldn’t pull out the win over Canada. It was a great game, especially considering I’ve never watched hockey in my life. My nephews were talking about how they could be hockey players…which is funny because they’ve never strapped on ice skates in their lives. Ah me, to be young and full of insanity again!

Some of you may have read on Twitter that my internet access has been limited, so I won’t be able to follow everyone’s blogs like I usually do. This doesn’t mean I’ll be completely gone, but my time to read and comment will be limited. I’m hoping to find a way around that, but we’ll just have to see.

I’m not happy about this restriction, but it’s probably a blessing in disguise. When I have blogs and twitter at my fingertips, I tend to be easily distracted from my writing. The restrictions will probably mean that my WIP will get more attention, which is a good thing.

I’ve also learned about this autocrit program. Do any of you use it? It looks like a good program and I’d love to give it a try. Do you guys recommend it?

This week I’ll also be posting a book review of Karen Chance’s  Death’s Mistress. Karen Chance is a wonderful writer with a quirky sense of humor and I’m greatly looking forward to diving into this book. What books do you have that you’re looking forward to reading?


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2 responses to “Book Winner

  1. I’ve never heard of autocrit, but let me know how it works for you. I’m always looking for new thingys!

    • I’ve heard good things about it, which is why I mentioned it. I haven’t taken the plunge to buy it yet, but I’m tempted to. Very tempted, lol. If I do, I’ll be sure to post a review about it.

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