Yesterday I blogged about attending my first RWA Nationals conference. Today, I’m going to address a problem I seem to have about authors.

It should come as no surprise that I view my favorite authors as some people do Hollywood stars. Sure, they might not be as famous, or make as much money, be as glamorous, but for me, they are awesome. I suppose this comes from me being such an avid reader as opposed to a television junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I can dig some actors…Gerard Butler? Come to mama. Brad Pitt? I’ll have your baby.

Sorry, got sidetracked there. What I mean, is that my favorite authors have taken this place in my mind of actors and actresses. No, I don’t know where they live, or how many kids they have, or if they had their appendices removed. I just really love the way they write.

So my dilemma is, how do I keep from becoming a complete fangirl? I don’t want to be the Kresley Cole’s Annie Wilkes (Misery). I don’t want to end up stalking JR Ward through the hotel asking her what her favorite color is. Actually, I won’t do any of these things, this is supposed to be funny people.

In all probability, I’ll be so excited to see my favorite authors that I won’t be able to speak. Or I’ll squeal. No stalking, no kidnapping, no stealing mementos. I’ve probably frightened every single author I’ve ever mentioned away from the conference by now. Honestly, I’m not unhinged. I think I did fairly well with Angie Fox. She didn’t think I was crazy. I think.

So how do you feel when you meet your favorite author? Which authors have you met and which would you love to meet?

My list of authors I’d love to meet:

Kresley Cole (I heart Kresley Cole. She’s a fabulous writer!)
Gena Showatler (I heart Gena Showalter. She’s funny and a great writer.)
JR Ward (Love her books…I’d love to just pick her brain, not literally by the way.)
Teresa Medeiros (She’s a sweetheart on twitter and she’s one helluva great writer.)
Christina Dodd (Been reading her books for years. Christina Dodd = Awesomeness.)
Katie MacAlister (Cracks me up!)
Lori Foster (Writes gritty, sexy heroes who leave me daydreaming.)
Nalini Singh (Great storyteller and world builder. She makes me jealous, lol.)
Celeste Bradley (Great historical romance writer. Funny stories, great characters.)
Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Love her books, glamor, action…great, great stuff.)
Larissa Ione (Love her Demonica series, sexy heroes, strong heroines, le sigh.)
Elizabeth Hoyt (Raw, edgy historical romances. Highly recommend this author.)


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9 responses to “Fangirldom

  1. When my friend and I went to Dragon*Con for the first time two years ago, we went for one reason – Laurell K. Hamilton was going to be there. We really truly stalked her around the Con. We went to every event, waited in line for hours to get her to sign books; it got the point that by the event on the last day she knew we looked familiar.

    BUT even with all this stalking, I drew a line for my friend. When we were out and about just generally and she was trying to enjoy things with her husband, we had to leave her alone. As much as we love her books she’s a human being too and sometimes I can’t believe what a celebrity loses in gaining popularity. I am not entitled to know about her every private moment or the details of her sex life – I think she has the right to say no to things that are just about her life and have nothing to do with her public persona.

    So I think what all this babbling means is that I would be a total fan-girl while in line to get something signed (talk with my line neighbors about her work, mini-squeal with my girlfriend when the author walks by) but I would try to leave them alone outside of those avenues because it has to be hard being that popular. Has to be.

  2. Thanks for the post, I feel the same way! A few years ago I attended a conference on world literacy, and to my surprise the keynote speaker was Nora Roberts! It was the first time I have ever felt star struck. I didn’t know what to say (those who know me would say I am fairly articulate). She must have thought I was a total putz.

    I live in South florida and see actors and actresses in malls and restaurants fairly often. Never have I experience this total paralysis… sigh. So to answer your question I would simply love to see and hear (not sure about meeting, I am still traumatized) Lori Foster (she is my fav), Sherrilyn Kenyon (awesome writer), Stephanie Laurens (amazing storyteller), and Jaid Black (she is a great writer and business woman).

    • SB – That’s exactly what I’m afraid of, gaping at my favorite authors like the proverbial fish out of water. At least you have some experience with stars to fall back on! That’s a mighty good group you have there.

      Dana – Yes, I don’t want to ruin the conference for anyone. I can only imagine how many other fans they have on their heels at all times and can only think they find it tiresome after a while. Maybe I can throw off my fangirldom in line, manage not to SQUEE when I meet them, and appear sane after all. 🙂

      • I just knew I had to try my hardest after seeing LKH and her husband out and a fan approached her, turned around, then KNEELED IN FRONT OF HER, all so she could sign the book on his back. That was enough to keep my giddy in check. At least most of the time…

      • OMG…yes, I think that would douse my giddy in ice cold water. I might love my favorite authors, but kneeling to them…wow. Maybe if it was Gerard Butler I’d kneel *cough*

  3. FUN!! I can’t wait to see you there!! We have a chasingheroes suite! I will have to introduce you to Lori Foster-SHE’S AMAZING!!

  4. I enjoy meeting authors and love reading their books but I don’t hero worship them. I do admire them and love being around other readers and authors at conventions. It’s great fun!

    I went to a Romantic Times convention in Reno in 2002. There were authors everywhere and that fact made it easier. The downside is that there were also hundreds of readers there too. :>)

    My favorite encounter was at the Chicago Celebrate Romance convention in 2004. It was smaller and easier to meet and interact with the authors. BTW – Susan Elizabeth Phillips was there and spoke to the group. She was wearing a killer red leather jacket.

    • I always imagine Susan Elizabeth Phillips to be wearing killer clothes. Her books are so full of Hollywood glam and fictional celebrities, you almost imagine she’s part of that set herself.

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