RWA Nationals

Well, I finally did it. After nearly three years of being an RWA member, I’m finally registered for my first Nationals conference.

I admit to being a bit nervous. I’ve only been to one other conference which was on a much smaller scale. That conference I brought two others with me, but this conference I’ll be going it alone. Which is fine with me, really. It was hard for me to learn as much as I wanted to while having two non-writers with me. As much as I loved the company, I didn’t make all the workshops I wanted to.

So it’s off to Nashville come July. The last time I was in Nashville, it was to catch a Greyhound bus for home. I’d just graduated from college, was working on the riverboat cruise and quit after 2 weeks. The company I worked for had flown me to St. Paul to catch the paddle boat, but because I left before my hitch, I had to find my own way home. Nashville to my hometown was a 20 hour bus ride. It was miserable. I don’t even remember much about Nashville, or the trip. I suppose I blocked it out of my mind. Yeah, it was that traumatic.

Hopefully this time around, I’ll have a good experience in Nashville (on the way there and back as well). I’m really looking forward to soaking in as much information as I possibly can and meeting up with some of the fabulous people I’ve met online through my RWA chapters and the like.

How about everyone else? Who’s going? Is it your first, second, twentieth Nationals conference? What’s the best part about it? What advice would you give a newbie attending?


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2 responses to “RWA Nationals

  1. yay! I’ll be there too! (It’s also my first National)

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