Not Too Sexy for Spandex

Obviously the Olympics are taking place. Right now, the games are my non-NFL football therapy. I love watching the competitions and look forward to them every 4 years.

This might come as some surprise considering I enjoy my contact sports so much, but I love figure skating. I’ve never been ice skating (picture a Cajun on ice and yeah, that’s not pretty), but I love to watch their artistry and grace. There’s just something so soothing about the sound of the skates gliding over the ice and the complicated jumps that catches my imagination.

I’ll watch every aspect of the figure skating events. I love couples figure skating, and women’s figure skating. The men leave me slightly confused though. Let me explain. I can tell by watching them perform, that these men are in excellent physical condition. They’re strong, limber, and graceful. But what’s with the costumes? They’re very unsexy and, well…tacky.

Oh I understand they have to wear formfitting costumes for easier maneuvering, and I’m sure there’s some kind of costume guideline they have to follow, but really…overalls? I had to leave the room for that performance. Then there’s all the sequence and nude netting. Is there something wrong with a man showing the middle of his chest? Is that considered crude? What about the ruffles?

Now, I can approve of Evan Lysacek’s costume. It was understate and simple. I even liked Stephane Lambiel’s costume. While watching his performance, I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be for one of those guys to perform in full Regency costume. That, I could get. But all the spandex just bothers me. (Not that I’m against men wearing spandex…I do love to watch speed skating too…oh, and luge *cough*). I just couldn’t imagine any of these men as romance book heroes, and I think that’s what gets me the most. Other sports I can imagine them as a lead in a novel, but figure skating? Hm. And this is in spite of my love of The Cutting Edge.

How about you? Do you wish the male skaters would wear something else? What would you have your ideal skater wear for a performance? Can you see these skaters as leads in a romance novel?

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