Book Giveaway

I’m nearing the end of rewrites on my second manuscript. Whenever I get close to finishing a project, I immediately begin thinking of what’s coming next.

As of right now, I have two book ideas circling my head like vultures. I’m hoping ya’ll can give me a little help in choosing which one to work on.

So, let’s get to the fun part!

Book idea 1:

This story will involve an incubus and a witch. I have a very basic plot in mind. It would be book 4 of my Veil series. I’m very tempted to start plotting this story out and get to writing, but hesitate because what happens if the series doesn’t take off? The incubus I have in mind is very sexy (of course), and has appeared as a secondary character in 2 of my other manuscripts. The heroine will be a witch about to come into her power. I know how I want to open the book (very hot love scene), but don’t want to get too involved in case the other idea is better.

Book idea 2:

This story would be a complete change of pace for me. I was inspired by a song and came up with the idea of a new series. I want to rewrite Greek mythology by taking heroes/heroines and bringing them into modern times. They’ve all died in Greek mythology, but were brought back by the gods to learn how to be better people. The idea is to match them each up with a modern hero/heroine who’ll teach them this lesson. My first hero would be a rather infamous character (holding back the details for now), and I’m still sketching out the heroine for him. I really like this idea and I can almost picture the whole book.

As you can see, I have two ideas that I think are great, but I just don’t know which one to start on. The old series, or the new series? The incubus, or the fallen Greek hero? I’m hoping you all can help me choose. And in thanks, I’ll be choosing one lucky person to receive one of a choice of books.

So tell me, what do you think sounds more interesting?


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4 responses to “Book Giveaway

  1. saydegrace

    I’ve been editing a greek god book(not mine, I’m not that creative 🙂 ) so I’m sooo up for the greek one. And I can tell you really want that book anyway so I say go Greek baby!

  2. Start the new series…it sounds interesting…speaking from experience, you should have a back-up plan with your writing. It comes in very handy when you have another project to throw at your agent that is complete and ready to go.

  3. Well, I think you guys have convinced me.

    Sayde – You can tell I’ve been pining on this book for a while, huh? LOL

    Angie – You’re absolutely right. It would be good to have a new project to pitch when the time comes.

    Y’all are so right, in fact, that I spent 8 hours today researching and plotting this first book in the new series. Hope I can start actually writing it out starting tomorrow.

  4. bunnyb

    The 2nd book idea sure does sound interesting!!! Hope all goes well 🙂

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