Family Time

I spent all day Saturday with family. My brother, his fiancée, my oldest nephew and his girlfriend all took a road trip to Baton Rouge. The main purpose was to have a nice meal at Joe’s Crabshack since neither my nephew nor his girlfriend had ever been there.

What began as just lunch turned into a shopping spree. We found ourselves at the Mall of Louisiana. I’ve said before how I have this strange attraction for “smell good stuff”, we went directly to Lush. Oh Lush…how I love thee! I bought three soaps, a bath bomb, a bath bar, and a shower aromatherapy bar. My purchases qualified me for a gift bag. Oooh, a gift bag! It held another soap, another bath bomb, and yet another bath bar. It was like I’d hit the smell-good lottery!

From there, we meandered through the mall to the one place I’ve never been able to bring myself to enter. The temptation is so strong, I hurry past the store without looking in the windows. This time however, my future sister-in-law led us there. Yes, you know what place I’m talking about…the Godiva chocolate store. G-O-D-I-V-A! It is the Holy Grail of sweets. Everywhere I looked I saw chocolate covered fruits, chocolate covered cookies, chocolate covered caramel, truffles, anything and everything you can think of! It was…really awe-inspiring. I walked out of there with a huge brown (chocolate drizzled of course), and a bag of chocolate covered truffles. *Drools* That was the worse place I could’ve gone to, but ooh, I feel so good for having been bad!

We walked the entire mall because my brother said he needed to ‘walk off his meal’. Can I just say I was tired? I really don’t like going to stores, you know this, yet I walked every square inch of a two story mall (small potatoes for those of you in big cities). I was ready for home…and my brownie. Yum.

All in all, it was a wonderful start to a 3-day weekend. I love spending time with my brother, nephew, and their girlfriends. They’re funny people who don’t mind my foul mouth as I drive (usually…I did get chided for some of my language), or my twisted sense of humor that required me to take fast turns so everyone in the backseat squished my brother…yeah, they all had a blast.

I love spending time with my family. Now that football season is over, I’ll definitely have to do more of it. With Good Friday coming up, we’ll probably have a crawfish boil (even if I can’t eat the crawfish), then Easter…it’ll be wonderful to visit and goof off with my loved ones.

Have you done anything fun with your family lately?

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  1. We do a lot of fun stuff all the time. Sometimes it’s going to my parent’s farm and hanging out-plus they have a guest house where my kids stay the entire weekend without me seeing them! SCORE!!!! My mom stocks it with food for them, with an xbox, toilet and food, they are golden!

    Recently, we went about 30 minutes away and stayed at Great Wolf Lodge for the night. Only to get out of the snow bound house.

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