Finding Your Serene Place

I just did a search for blogging prompts. The truly ironic part about the search is I hadn’t even used a prompt when suddenly, I had an idea for today’s post.

Several years ago, I took a trip to England. It was a very short visit (for reasons I’d rather not go into). I didn’t get to see half of what I wanted to, but I did get to visit Glastonbury Abbey. The Abbey…even today, my soul calms when I think back to my visit. I found peace and serenity within its walls. I found beauty and inspiration walking along its paths.

Picture of Glastonbury Abbey (sadly enough, I did not take it)

This is where King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were supposedly buried. The bones of two bodies were dug up by the Abbey’s monks in 1191, and reburied in 1278 in the Abbey Church overseen by Edward I. The sheer majesty of the Abbey is breathtaking. I can’t even begin to explain how eerie it felt to walk the same grounds kings (real and mythical) walked. I distinctly remember sitting on a bench overlooking fish pond and thinking how easy it was to imagine monks of old going about their duties.

Inside the walls of the Abbey, it’s easy to forget the outside world. It’s surrounded by a bustling town,  yet the sounds of Glastonbury don’t intrude (very much). It’s a magical place, rich with history, legend, and myth. If I had to pick any place I’d love to spend another day, I’d have to choose the Abbey. The peace I felt within those walls can enchant me even now, nearly eight years later.

Given half a chance, I’d return with my laptop. I’d find that same bench and let the ideas roll out of my mind, to my fingers. I have a feeling I’d experience my greatest inspiration to write there. Even thinking about it, I feel the urge to write, to set my imagination free to find out where it takes me.

How about you? Is there one place you’ve visited that you’d return to, just to write? Have you ever been somewhere so peaceful and serene, you forget about the outside world, forget your woes, if only for a little while?


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2 responses to “Finding Your Serene Place

  1. Pretty cool!!
    In my current MS, my character went to a spa and I went to the spa for a weekend to get to know my character’s reaction. Of course I had to get the same treatments!
    Really, I had so much creative flow, I wrote tht entire time.

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