Spreading the Joy

Lately I’ve heard a lot of good news from my fellow authors. This pleases me so much, I’m not sure I can even explain it.

Is it because it gives me hope for my own writing career? I’m sure. I have a feeling though, it has more to do with the community of writers. There is a community out there that caters to your writing genre, folks. You just have to find it.

I joined RWA nearly two years ago, but it wasn’t until I joined two separate chapters that I started to really understand that there is support out there for the aspiring author. Plot trouble? There’s someone out there with that same problem who might not mind helping you undo your plot knot. Technical problem? There are tons of astoundingly intelligent people who are glad to help. Quite possibly, the only thing they can’t do for you, is write your book.

These people are going through the same things you are, or have gone through them. They’re the people you’re sharing the trenches with. So to be thrilled (to the point of being excited enough that it feels like you’ve been offered a deal) for them, should only be natural. Oh I know, I haven’t met these people in real life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be happy for them.

Good news should be shared with others. It should uplift and inspire the ones still fighting the battles. It should make you want to work harder so you’ll get some good news of your own. Support your fellow writers, pat them on the back, share their news, share their books. It can only come back to you.

Do you have good news to share? Do you get goofy-happy when someone you’ve only chatted on-line with has good news?


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2 responses to “Spreading the Joy

  1. I love to pay it forward too. I did get asked to speak at an RWA chapter far away from my home. That was a big honor and step in my career.
    I love it when my friends get great news, but lately it’s all been not so good…

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