As the Plot Twists

Last week, I had a revelation. In working on my current WIP, I realized my second manuscript was lacking something. I think what I have now works, but it isn’t solid enough for my satisfaction. As I sat outside, watching the eagles soar (seriously, there are a LOT of eagles in Amelia, Louisiana), it came to me. My second manuscript requires a rewrite.

Oh, not a complete rewrite. I actually like the story the way it is, but one line of the plot is very thin. I don’t think the change I’m going to make is going to have a huge impact on the story, other than to make it more solid. At least I hope so.

As for my current WIP, it will. Not. End. I’ve surpassed the word count I set for myself and am still writing! It’s frustrating, but since I know I’ll axe some of the parts I’ve written, I think it’s okay. The hero and heroine just won’t come to grips with their romance. She’s determined not to ruin his life, he’s determined to have her in it. The back and forth between them (with the help of some secondary characters) has made the end linger more than I like.

How about you? Do you find yourself with a book that doesn’t want to end, even though you know the outcome? I know what happens next, but it just won’t come! It’s frustrating.


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2 responses to “As the Plot Twists

  1. I know exactly how it feels! I am doing first edits on a MS and instead of cutting, I’ve added 5k already. It JUST won’t END!!!!

    • In working on my WIP, I found I was stuck, so ended up deciding to rewrite the last 5 chapters of the story. I can only hope this will resolve my ‘neverending’ problem, lol

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