Into the Fog

What a lackluster weekend. This cold I’ve had for over a week continued into the weekend and today, lingering on like an unwanted guest. Sleepless nights have thrust me into taking long naps over the weekend and now I feel like I’m walking in fog.

It doesn’t help that it was foggy on the way in to the office this morning. I don’t mind fog, it lends the world an alien appearance I appreciate. I just don’t like it in my head. I have too much to do to succumb to it, but I have a feeling my body has other ideas.

In other news, yesterday I had my rescued kitty, Cookie, spayed through a low-cost program. I felt horrible for bringing her there with all of those other animals. I admire the group’s effort. For a very low cost, pet owners drop off their pets for a day trip into New Orleans to be spayed/neutered and receive shots if needed. They come home the same day, but I have a feeling there are a lot of unhappy pets this morning. Well, except for the dogs. The dogs were simply thrilled to see their owners. Cookie keeps looking at me as though I’m going to toss her in the kennel again and subject her to more medical procedures.

I wanted to stay home with her today. I think we both could’ve used the rest, but someone has to keep her, Ty, and Mia in kibbles ‘n bits. Hopefully, I can get a little writing or rewriting done today. I want to end the 3rd WIP and get creative with a plot change in the 2nd manuscript. Meh.

Sorry I don’t have anything enlightening to impart today. The fog curled around my head is demanding sleep which won’t come for some time yet. I hope everyone else is doing well, and had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. We have tons of fog today too! I did work and my kids stayed home. I was in a bad mood b/c I had to go to work, but now I am home, I am glad I worked.!

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