There Be a Storm Comin’…A Brainstorm!

After I wrote yesterday’s post, I was sufficiently depressed to go to my BFF, Angie. Angie has been my brainstorming partner for years, even before I actually started writing.

I remember when we were in college, we’d go skating and discuss book plots we’d like to write. I couldn’t tell you about any of them since I spent most of the time in fear my nephews were going to wipe me out. They had this thing for watching me fall and thought it would be fun to come at me on their rollerblades. Hmph.

Anyway, Angie is the best brainstorming partner ever. Not only has she read extensively, but she’s also got a wonderful sense of irony. Awhile back, before the current plot crisis, I went to her with, “OMG! How do I force my heroine to listen to her parents?!” She sent back a reply, “Give her a sister.” What!! What!! Why didn’t I think of that! Sheesh, it was so simple, but I couldn’t see it. Now my heroine has a sister she’s never met before, but feels responsible for. Did I figure this out on my own? Ha! I was stuck in the face of my plot.

So of course, when I got stuck with the villain question and I was too impatient to read comments, I went back to the wizard. I put forth my question, and just like Zoltar she spit out an answer. I would say what her response was, but if I ever do get this published, I want it to be a surprise! Bwahaha.

Brainstorming is so much easier when you’re not in the story, I’ve found. Even when I was pantsing, I’d bury myself in the story and wouldn’t be able to see the most logical means of escape. I think that’s the true danger in writing. You have the plot and you’re writing, but you can’t see a logical solution to a problem. That’s when you start feeling overwhelmed, or write, but fear everything you’re putting to paper is utter crap. Having an outside source to help you brainstorm your way out of trouble, is a treasure beyond price.

Do you have someone you turn to when your writing hits a steel covered brick wall? Have you ever had your brainstorm buddy help you out and you think…’Well, duh! I should’ve thought of that!’?


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3 responses to “There Be a Storm Comin’…A Brainstorm!

  1. I SO agree, Danica. I freeze with my own plotting, but give me someone else’s story, and the creativity flows. It’s a phenomenon I do not understand!

  2. LOL!! I was going to say I go to Misa who commented on your comments. Whenever I have a problem with something technical, I grab Misa. When i have an issue with the plot, I come up with a few different ones and run it by my sister.

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