Manuscriptitis – Your help is appreciated

My manuscript is suffering. Yes, it is suffering from a lack of ending. I was so proud of myself last week and the week before because I could almost taste ‘The End’.

Now, however, I’m struggling. It isn’t that I don’t know how I want it to end. I do. It’s more of following a path not plotted out and finding myself in a new world. Just one little bend in the road, and now I have a mess on my hands.

Even though I plotted Lifestyles from start to finish, I didn’t want to set the story in stone and give myself no room to move around. I think I’ve done the absolute opposite though. I’ve given myself too much room! This wasn’t a problem in the first 30 chapters because the new angles strengthened the story. The end though. Oh yes, the end is problematic.

Noelani, my heroine, went from being a cold, passionless assassin, to a warm, loving woman. Except now that her revenge is at hand, she can’t seem to grab onto it. This is her crowning moment, the moment she’s been waiting on for over a hundred years and she can’t pull the trigger. Did I make her too loving? Too warm? Or is she where she’s supposed to be? If she’s where she’s supposed to be, how the hell do I get rid of the bad guy? I mean, c’mon, this guy needs to D-I-E! He’s the best villain I’ve ever written and I want him ded. You hear me? DED! (Rocky Horror Picture Show moment, sorry.)

Here’s the scene set-up: villain (a demon) has just taken out nearly a dozen Amazon warriors, he nearly killed the hero, and all he wants is for the heroine to be his. He’s been obsessed with her for centuries (that’s a long time, ya’ll). She has a special gun for demons aimed at him. But she can’t pull the trigger. Does my hero step in and end it for her? Do they let the villain live to face true justice? Does my heroine pull the trigger, thereby proving to one and all that she’s a cold-blooded killer? Help!!


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3 responses to “Manuscriptitis – Your help is appreciated

  1. I think the hero and the heroine could both have a shot at it. Maybe the heroine can’t do it and the villain goes after her in a struggle and the hero steps up to fight the villain only the villain has the upper hand which leaves the heroine the one to pull the trigger….hmmmm….so many possiblities.

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