D. Avet, M.D., or OAI?

OAI would be overactive imagination.

I was sick all weekend. How horrible is that? If you have to get sick though, I guess it’s the best way to do it. You don’t miss work, but you do miss all the things you’d normally do on a pretty weekend.

I know my illness was probably nothing more than a sinus infection, or a cold, but to hear me talk about it…My aunt and cousin came for a visit. They asked what was wrong with me. I was running a fever, so I might’ve mumbled ‘Mumps, tuberculosis, SARs’. They found this funny. Especially since I didn’t mention Swine Flu. Really, Swine Flu? I knew better.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve diagnosed myself. It comes from having an imagination. Kind of like when I was 8 and I just knew I was allergic to burritos because the one time I had one, I was sick. Then, there was the time when I was in college. I had this perfectly round patch of dry skin on my face. I went to the doctor to find out what it was. The conversation went something like this:

Doc: So what’s wrong?

Me: I think I have monkey pox.


Doc: Have you been to Asia recently?

Me: No.

Doc: Have you had contact with primates recently?

Me: No.

Doc: It isn’t monkey pox.

Me: Are you sure?

Doc: When did you get your medical degree?

I loved my family doctor. He was so funny! I honestly think he looked forward to my visits…and not just because I was paying to see him. It isn’t that I’m a hypochondriac. It’s more like…’if I feel this bad, there’s NO way it’s something common.’. I think this is what makes me want to write. There’s something comforting about taking what would normally be a boring boy-meets-girl situation and throwing it all out of proportion.

The imagination is a beautiful thing to waste.

So how about you guys? Do you find yourself blowing things out of proportion just to spice things up a bit? Do you dramatize certain things just to make things interesting? (When you’re not writing.)


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2 responses to “D. Avet, M.D., or OAI?

  1. Hope you feel better. A lot of that gunk going on around here.

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