Fantasy Man Friday

It’s time for the first Fantasy Man of the year! With so much hope for the upcoming year, I had to search high and low (it was hard work, I assure you!) to find the perfect man to kick off 2010.

Of course he isn’t quite ‘perfect’. What man is? You know how most of them are. They scratch and adjust themselves in public, they drop their clothes wherever they happen to disrobe, they sit around in their underwear…Men! Why do we love them so?

Well, this might be why.

Look at that smirk. He’s practically daring you to take off his underwear…I mean, tell him to put some clothes on. Ahem. Really, if you came home from a hard day’s work, feet hurting, eyes burning, would you care he was sitting on your best chair in just his undies? I sure as hell wouldn’t! I might even go so far as to make it a requirement!

So what do ya’ll think?


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5 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. I am a HUGE bicep fan and the tat adds to his!!!

  2. Yummers! What a good way to kick off Fantasy Man Friday. I’m all about the biceps and pecs..and boy has got plenty of them!

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