Dr. Smellgood

I have a strange quirk. Or maybe it isn’t all that strange.

I love smell good stuff (as my nephews used to call it when they were kids). I actually almost obsess over smells. From the candles I sometimes burn in my house, to the dryer sheets I use for laundry, everything has to smell just right. This extends to my person as well.

There’s a sequence of scents I use throughout the day. In the morning, after I’ve showered (with LUSH ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ soap), I apply peppermint scented lotion, then Pleasures by Estee Lauder. During the day, I use Warm Vanilla Sugar scented lotion. At night, I use lavender scented lotion before bed. The routine may vary depending on my mood, but those are constants.

I’ve also gone through scent ‘phases’ as I like to call them. When I was much younger, musky perfumes were my favorite. College brought me to fruit and vanilla scented perfumes and lotions. As I got older, I began to search diligently for the perfect perfume for myself. I found it in Pleasures. Le sigh. I still have rose perfume, and even a bottle of vanilla, but I rarely ever use them.

To me, scent is one of the most powerful senses we have. They can alter moods more quickly than anything else. Outside of my perfumes and lotions and dryer sheets (which I agonize over in the store), my favorite scents are the smell of rain. There’s just something so clean and primal about an impending rain.

When I write, I attempt to give each character their own unique scent. It’s one of the hardest parts of writing for me. Should this character smell spicy, or sweet? Should they smell like the forest, or the ocean? What flower would best be used as their personal scent? It’s a serious business as it would be strange to have an assassin smelling of lavender. Lavender is soothing, dealing in death isn’t.

Are you a scent aficionado? Is there a particular scent you love above all others? Do you give your characters their own scent?


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2 responses to “Dr. Smellgood

  1. I do have a problem with scents too. I am big into aromatherapy, especially the lavendar at night for R and R.

    My perfume was discontinued about two years ago and my DH went to Macy’s (a couple years ago) and bought all the bottles they had. Every year since, he gives me a bottle in my Christmas stocking. This year the bottle was smaller. I held it up and gave him the wonky look. His response, “I’m down to the little bottles. If you aren’t so weird about your smell, I could go with a different perfume that IS on the market.”

    Gotta love him!

    • That’s so sweet! I know I spend so much time choosing perfume. One time I made the mistake of bringing my brother with me. I bought the perfume he suggested, but later found I didn’t like it as much as my ever faithful Pleasures. I don’t know what I’d do if they discontinued that fragrance. Probably cry and bankrupt myself buying as much of it as I could find!

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