Post Christmas Blahs

Is anyone else experiencing the post Christmas blahs? You know, you still feel bloated from Christmas dinner, tired from the anticipation of the big day, wanting nothing more than to sleep for 12 hours a day? Or is that just me?

Christmas was great. For the first time in years, my entire family was gathered. My brother-in-law was home for the first time in nine years, all the kids were there, my friend showed up, it was a packed house. I think at the peak, we had 25 people there, all of us trying to fit in my aunt’s house. Good times.

My baby (my godson) bought me an ABBA cd for Christmas. I think it was my favorite gift. I walked around the house singing ‘Take a Chance on Me’ and ‘Fernando’. Yes, I’m strange.

So how was your Christmas? Did you get to spend enough time with your family? Did they appreciate your gifts, did you get what you wanted?

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