The Descending Hoards

I’ve mentioned before that I work in a male dominated environment. At the most, there are four females I work with on a regular basis. Four females out of…roughly 200 or so men.

This has led me to a deeper understanding of the male mind. When you sit next to the gathering spot for the top dogs, you tend to overhear things. They talk a lot about hunting when they’re among themselves. It’s boring. But the minute one of the ladies walk into the room, they start flirting. Fascinating.

What I never knew, was that men can smell food through walls and across acres of land! It’s amazing! For instance, some kind vendor brought a box of McDonald’s breakfast foods and put it in the kitchen. In less than five minutes, the hoards descended on the kitchen. Did I attempt to get a biscuit? Oh no, I like my limbs where they are.

This isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed this phenomena. Yesterday, it was similar. Some kind lady brought a tray of sweets (things that have no discernable scent), and within minutes, they were all gone.

I know the guys are just excited to have food. They work hard (I think), and it isn’t like these are food items they get everyday, but I never realized how they manage to find the food before people in the office have. I’m not sure if that makes them like vultures of locusts. I’m leaning more towards locusts because when the swarm has abated, there is nothing left but an empty bag, or an empty tray with not even a crumb left. It’s amazing!

Have you ever witnessed this for yourself? I feel a bit like a scientist studying an alien species in the wild. Strange.

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