Fantasy Man Friday

It’s Friday again. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking ‘Well, isn’t she Captain Obvious!’, well yes I guess I am.

Yesterday afternoon I had to brave cold weather and hard bleachers for the sake of my nephew who is playing his last season of high school soccer. He tore his ACL at the end of last season and had to miss the first three games of this season, so of course I had to go lend my support! This is my baby! He didn’t play long though, due to his surgeon’s recommendations.

It has a very Ben Roethlisger feel to it. He’s one of three seniors on the team, so his playing a full game would’ve helped them win. Poor lad. I know he feels pressure and when I spoke with him after the game, he admitted that he didn’t play well. That’s okay though, he’s just coming back, it’ll take time for him to get up to speed again.

So in light of the sports bent of this post, I found this lovely picture of an Australian Rugby player. I think his name is Daniel Conn. I um, had a picture of him with more clothes on, but I couldn’t resist this one. Please do enjoy…


I was torn between this one and another with him covered in dirt…the dirt was um, wow, but you really aren’t able to see the definition of muscles as well. *cough* Besides, I find it more tempting with the towel cause really, don’t you just want to rip it away from him???


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5 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Oooh, love the tattoos and the towel. Very growl worthy. My day is brighter already.


  2. Well….I’m speechless…Isn’t he a fine boy.

  3. Yes, that is Daniel Conn posing for the Gods of Football calendar, which raises money for the McGrath Foundation – a breast cancer awareness and prevention organization in Australia. 🙂 See more about DC in the calendar here

  4. Lisa

    Can I just say WOW!!!! I had never heard of him until today and I wish that I had heard sooner. He is one super hot tattooed guy, just the way I like them TATTOOED AND RIPPED!!!!

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