Musical Tastes

It shouldn’t be any surprise that I love music. I mention it frequently and I’m pretty sure at some point in this blogging quest, I’ve even said how much I love it.

However, not many share my musical appreciation. All day long I listen to music while at my desk. It can be something as simple as classical music, or as strange and complicated as heavy metal. I usually listen to heavy metal as I find it soothing. It keeps me from becoming too frustrated with projects and people. Unfortunately, my co-workers don’t agree.

Many times one co-worker in particular has asked me ‘That music doesn’t drive you insane?’ and when I explain that no, it actually calms me down, he replies ‘I think I’d have to take to drinking if I listened to that.’ So what if most of the lyrics are growled and the guitars are downright raucous? It’s what I dig. On the other hand, when I get my playlist of random music going and the list flits from Barry White to Primus, or George Jones to Megadeth, people say ‘wow, you’re really jamming in here’.

Do you listen to something that makes people look at you like you’ve lost your mind? Do you frequently endure looks of disbelief when people hear what you listen to?


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2 responses to “Musical Tastes

  1. romancemama

    I have discovered a lot of odd music through my daughters. I have Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas, the White Stripes and other non-old-lady music on my Ipod. Some of my coworkers look at me askance, but I like em.

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