Fantasy Man Friday

It’s the best day of the week again. The great thing about Fridays is that they come every week. It’s like a constant Christmas!

I don’t really have much to say today. (20 seconds later) Okay, scratch that. I do have something to say. I never realized before, but I’m apparently a compulsive calendar marker. I glanced over at my calendar in the middle of the first sentence, noticed I hadn’t marked yesterday as over…and immediately had to grab the marker and do so. I really tried to resist, but it wasn’t working. My hands twitched with the need to mark down that November 19 was over. How weird.

Right. So New Moon came out last night. No, I didn’t go to the midnight viewing. I was at home watching the Project Runway finale and I am so not happy Carol Hannah didn’t win. I thought her stuff was nice. Oh okay, Irina’s work was pretty friggin’ awesome. If I were thin and tall, I’d probably wear every one of the looks she created. Dammit.

Let’s talk about something better. Mainly, today’s Fantasy Man. I haven’t decided which one I’m going with. The poll is still open for those who want to give me a little hint of what they want to see, so until I close it, it’s allllll me. Hm. Which lovely man will I post? Okay, decision made.

Today’s Fantasy Man isn’t showing much skin. Sorry, ladies, but he’s been staring at me for weeks demanding his own day. Without further ado…

Look at him! Those eyes! Gah…You can’t tell me you’re not thinking ‘Come to mama’ (I almost said ‘Come to Butthead’…okay, so I was a Beavis and Butthead fan. Sue me!) Look at him!!! No, better yet DON’T look at him. He’s all mine.

Okay fine. Look. What do you think? Good choice for today’s Fantasy Man? I promise to have more skin next week. Although, if my Mike Rowe crush continues to build, you may see him instead…lol.

Enjoy! Happy Friday everyone!

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