The Insanity Continues

It’s Monday again *boo, hiss*. The only really wonderful thing about it, is that the weekend ended with the Saints now 8-0. 8-0!! I bought my brother a Saints hat which he wanted to wear for the game, but superstitious spectator that I am, I made him remove it when the boys in black and gold started screwing up the game. My brother grumbled, but guess what? We won! Without him wearing the hat! I knew it was bad luck, but would he listen? Nooo. Younger brothers. *snort*

We watched the game at my cousin’s house and I was wary about going. I believe I’ve mentioned how loud I am when the Saints play? Well, I wasn’t sure they’d appreciate my yells and shouts of ‘Pass interference! I know that was pass interference!!’. They didn’t mind, they were excited too. However, their 7-year-old daughter said I was so loud, I almost scared her. Considering this is the same kid who likes to watch horror movies, I was insulted, lol. Hmph. She’ll understand when she’s older.

As if the game yesterday wasn’t crazy enough, we’ve got Hurricane Ida swirling around the Gulf. My parish is just barely outside the cone of probability, but it still doesn’t ease my anxiety. How many times have these storms been predicted to go one way and they go the other? Way too many. I’m at work though, and our parish schools are open. I wish I was home, but I know that life has to go on even when there’s a storm.

It’s just crazy to imagine a storm in the Gulf even while there’s still a slight chill to the air. Weirdness. My best wishes go to those who are in Ida’s path. Hopefully, it’ll just drop rain and be a mild hurricane. Good luck all, and be safe.


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  1. Sending non Ida wishes your way! I hope you stay safe!!

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