Baby You Can Drive My Car

I pondered the title of this post all morning. I was waffling (kind of like my man Brett) between ‘Here in My Car’, ‘Jerry Was a Race Car Driver’, and ‘My Maserati Does 185’. I think I chose the right name.

Anyway, I’m NaNo’ing like nobody’s business. The story is finally getting where I want it to be. I found myself writing a very dark scene yesterday which surprised me. I don’t usually do the whole ‘all-hope-is-lost’ thing, but my heroine showed me differently. It actually clung to me after I wrote it and I swam in some negativity for a while before realizing she has serious issues and the only way for her to become what she’s meant to be is for her to deal with them.

Then, I had to write about my hero’s car. In the previous MS (of which he is a secondary character), he drives a very expensive import. Well, I had to give more details about this car and so my droolfest commenced.

I love cars. In fact, I probably love cars almost as much as I love football. I prefer older, monster cars (1970 Chevelle SS to be exact), but I’ve come to appreciate newer models. Usually I only drool for American cars, yet again I’ve had to learn to appreciate imports. Where is all of this blathering going? I’ll show you:

The 2009 Maserati GranTurismo S. It’s luscious, mean-looking with 440hp under the hood. (insert Earth Kitt-esque growl here) Now if only I had about 150 grand to spend (and then I’m not even sure that’s the cost). I configured my GranTurismo S for hours, getting the color just right, making sure I added the carbon fiber enhancements (because you can’t never underestimate the coolness of carbon fiber). Then I just sat and drooled.

This is what my hero is driving, though his is granite colored with black interior. It’s the perfect car for a vampire/demon halfling who has everything he needs except the respect of his fellow Veilerians. Don’t you think?

I have a feeling should these books be published, readers will see my love of cars. I can’t help it. Cars are the coolest invention ever!

Now for today’s question: do you have a car that you lust over? Have you ever driven your dream car? Do you know a Maserati dealer who’d let me ride in this car?

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