Earache My Eye!

I shouldn’t have used that as the title because now I want to listen to Cheech & Chong. You know, ‘My mama’s talkin’ to me, trying to tell me how to live. But I don’t listen to her cause my head is like a sieve…’ Eh, I’ll get over it.

Do you ever do something so stupid you immediately think: this is going to hurt? Well, that’s happened to me twice this week. The first incident was on Sunday morning. Every morning when I wake up, I make coffee and then sit on my front porch with my delicious brew and a book. This is my way of waking up. It’s quiet, peaceful, and it helps put me in a good mood.

Well, this past Sunday, it was chilly. I fixed my coffee, grabbed my book, and wrapped up in a snuggie (my mom gave everyone snuggies for Christmas last year and yes, they’re lame, but they’re also warm!). So I open the screen door and make my way down the steps. Somewhere (I think it was the 2nd step from the bottom), the snuggie went under my foot and that foot slid right off the steps. I managed to catch myself, but not before landing on my ass rather hard. Good thing I have lots of cushion! Needless to say the beginning of this week, you could see me hobbling and trying to work out the strain in my back. Meh.

Then, this morning came the second stupid thing. I use powder foundation. Aloette, in fact (good stuff). I was in a hurry. Here’s a formula for you folks who are mathematically inclined: make-up brush + quick application = pain. I somehow put the brush in my eye. Immediate pain and ‘OMG I’m blind!’. I’m not, by the way. Blind, that is. I just feel stupid 🙂

Of course, these aren’t the only stupidly painful things I’ve done to myself. There was an incident when I was younger involving a container lid, a steak knife, and my hand. Don’t ask.

What stupid things have you done to yourself that you instantly regretted? Are you accident prone, or are you one of the blessed ones who were born graceful? Inquiring minds want to know!


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2 responses to “Earache My Eye!

  1. romancemama

    Oh, ask me sometime about the tape-player cleaning solution that got sat down where my contact lens drops were supposed to be!!! Acetone in the eye the week of my Senior Prom. And just as I started to put the drops in, in that split second before the liquid hit the iris, I KNEW!

    It’s all good, vision is fine, thanks to a h.s. chem teacher who had done a thorough job of explaining how to do an eyewash for chemical accidents. (Thank you, Mr. Ray, wherever you are!)

    But that is only one of a looooonnnng list of times I have done stupid things to myself. I have to slow down – repeat – I have to slow down!

    And BTW, you better be making your reservations for the Silken Sands Conference in Pensacola Beach in March!!!!! Party down with the Southern Sizzlers themselves, girl. Don’t miss it!!!

    • I’ve already started figuring out the finances and looking at vacation days. I’ll more than likely be there 🙂

      Are you going to be joining the group coming to New ORleans sometime this month?

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