For Crying Out Loud

I’m going to start this post off with a happy dance. Yes, a happy dance under the title ‘For Crying Out Loud’ because last night, my boys in black and gold beat the dirty bird Falcons! I can’t say this is the first time we Saints fans have felt hope for the rest of the season, but wow, what a game! Geaux Saints!

Now on to the actual post. I genetically inclined to cry for movies and books. Yes, you heard me: it isn’t me, it’s my genetics. My sister and I inherited this inclination from our father. Mom doesn’t cry for movies (what a weirdo!). Dad has several movies he will never watch again because they bring tears to his eyes.

Thinking about this brought back memories of the very first movie I ever cried for. I was seven years old and it was On Golden Pond. Yeah, not really a kid movie, but I remember crying my eyes out and when mom asked me what was wrong, I was too embarrassed to tell her I was crying for the movie, instead telling her I had a headache. Unfortunately, the embarrassment hasn’t faded over time and everyone knows I cry for movies. Some of the most memorable ones: E.T., I Am Legend, Armageddon, Behind the Music: Lenny Kravitz, Marvin’s Room, 300.

This makes me wonder what it was about On Golden Pond I could connect to as a seven-year-old. I thought it was just me who did that, but I learned my seven-year-old cousin cried for her first movie which was I Am Legend. Maybe it’s this stage of development when we first begin to understand the world around us better. She cried because she realized Will Smith’s character was going to be all alone without his dog, Sam. Yeah, that made me cry too.

If  you notice, most of the movies I listed aren’t love stories. I refuse to watch them even though I love romance novels. I don’t cry for every book with deep emotional loss. When I read Kresley Cole’s IAD series, I feel the pain her heroines experience right down to my finger tips. The pain starts right in my chest and travels (or it could be indigestion). That’s when I know the book is wonderful and satisfying. JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books have made me burst into tears and I’ve even found myself sobbing over Stephanie Myers’ The Host.

I’d love to be able to evoke this kind of emotion from my readers (when I have them), not because I’m sadistic or anything, but because I believe feeling an emotional connection with characters is what makes a book wonderful.

So what movies/books make you sob?

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