As I was driving home yesterday, this song came on the radio. I was young when it came out and there was nothing I loved better than singing the words to every song I heard. It’s only as I got older that I realized just what the hell was going on in these songs.

Seriously, if you go back and listen to the music you loved as a child, you might be surprised over what exactly is going on. I distinctly remember re-listening to George Jones’s ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’. I was in my teens and I’m just listening to it and then I thought…’Holy crap! He’s dead! WTF?’ Okay, we didn’t have WTF when I was a teenager, but I’m trying not to be too vulgar.

‘867-5309’ is another song I had to really listen to in order to figure out what was going on. Um, do you routinely go into raptures over a person whose name you got off a bathroom wall? This instantly makes me think of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ when Lloyd is in the bathroom at the truck stop and sees the note about being in that particular stall on that date and at that time and no one other than Sea Bass shows up. Yeah. That’s lovely.

Don’t even get me started on the  um, self-pleasuring songs. ‘Going Japanese’, ‘She-Bop’…ick. It makes me feel dirty to know I sang along with these songs while having no idea what they meant.

One of my favorite stories growing up, was about ‘Lady Marmalade’. My sister was maybe 5 or 6 (way before I was born, mind you) when this song came out. Like any kid, she learned the words and sang them all the time. This probably wouldn’t have been a big deal since most of it is in French, except my grandmother spoke Cajun French. She nearly had a heart attack when my sister went waltzing through her house singing ‘voulez-vous coucher avec moi?’. She immediately turned to my mother and demanded, ‘Do you know what she’s saying?!’ My mom, not knowing a lick of French had to admit, no, she didn’t know what that meant. My grandmother (which still kills me to imagine her saying this) told her ‘she’s asking if they want to go to bed with her!’. Yeah. Ma-maw wasn’t too happy about this.

Granted, current music isn’t innocent and there’s a lot of music I wouldn’t want my children to listen to if I had them. What really gets my goat, are the Kid Bop CDs. I don’t know exactly what’s on these things, but if they’re using songs from the pop charts, it can’t be good. I don’t really want to see kids going around singing about ‘My Humps’ or something similar. Oh sure, let the kids sing a song about drug addiction. Why not? Ugh.

Rant over.

So is there any song you listened to growing up that shocked you when you heard it again as an adult?


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3 responses to “867-5309

  1. You and I must be around the same age! I can remember singing George Jones as loud as I could on my parent back porch for all the world to hear. Especially Bone Dry…which by the way a child shouldn’t be singing!
    Anything by the Outfield brings me back to those nostalgic dating days.

    • We always had a house full of people all listening to different music. From my grandfather, to my uncles, to my parents, I never really listened to music that was considered contemporary. My dad was a big old school country fan, mom was 60’s-70’s rock, my grandfather was big band music, sister was 80’s heavy metal, uncles were 70’s ‘acid rock’. It was…interesting to say the least, lol.

  2. NOW!-my life is still filled with music. My 16 yo loves classic metal rock, DH likes classic rock, I like it ALL (anything to write to), twins like contemp and youngest like rap…my house is a bunch of boys walking around tossing a ball in the air with buds in their ears.

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