Gearing up for NaNo

As most of you know, NaNo begins on Sunday. It also just so happens, that my beloved Saints don’t play until Monday night. I think they did this to make sure I got a little writing done on the first day of the contest, because they know I wouldn’t be able to concentrate while they soundly trounce the Falcons (at least I’m praying we soundly trounce the most hated Falcons). Sorry for those of you who are in our division and just might happen to be Falcons fans. I hate the Falcons, the Bucs, the Panthers (though not as much as the other two cause c’mon, Jake is a home boy!).

Sorry, got sidetracked. Anyway, NaNo starts on Sunday and I can hardly wait. I’m so ready  to write! I don’t think I’ve ever felt this anxious going into a book. I took Jessa Slade’s plotting workshop through the FF&P chapter and let me tell you, that lady helped me tons. I never thought of coming up with a motto for my characters, or actually working out their issues before hand. I was a total pantster prior to that class.  This will be my first story thought out before writing. I’m not sure how I’ll do, but I’m hoping it’ll come together and be the best thing I ever wrote.

I’ve even gone so far as to find pictures of my characters. Just a few things to give me inspiration during the grueling month ahead. My heroine is a shadow fairy. An assassin who’s ready for a break from killing. My hero is a demon/vampire halfling who’s trying to redeem himself in the eyes of The Veil by exposing and turning over his former associates. So, this is what I have.

Meet Noelani Fayard:


And here’s Malachi Cromwell:


With inspiration like this, how can I possibly go wrong? Don’t answer that!

I’ve even got a few songs to put me in Noelani’s mind-set: ‘Blood on My Hands’ by The Used, and ‘Oblivion’ by Mastodon. Then, for the book theme: ‘Forever in Your Hands’ by All That Remains. No sappy love songs for me!

So how about you other NaNo’ers? Do you have pictures for inspiration, a playlist set? I saw someone is working on a storyboard (I’m jealous cause I so don’t have the ambition to do that). What methods are you using to get through NaNo?


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3 responses to “Gearing up for NaNo

  1. This is my first NaNo and I am excited too! I have always been a panster and was told to have some sort of plot, outline etc. I have done this and also really excited to get started. I have cut and pasted pictures and everything. Goodluck!

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