A Head Full of Words

I have a little problem. I use far too many words when describing something, whether it’s talking or writing. Um, I’m sure none of you have noticed this. Yeah, right.

I’m not entirely sure (see, I used a filler there) where this tendency comes from. It isn’t like I sit around thinking, ‘Hm, I wonder how I can fill up a lot of empty space with useless words.’ I’m going to blame my mother and college though. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

In college, you’re required to write reports, essays, and all kinds of weird crap that doesn’t mean anything in the real world. I learned very quickly that if I used a lot of flowing, formal words, my profs gave me better grades. Oh yes, they loved my essays and reports because I explained everything in minute detail. This doesn’t seem to be helping me in my ‘writing’ though. I’d grown so used to giving my opinions and impressions on subjects, that I’ve loaned that characteristic to my characters! Ick!

Then, add my mom to the mix. Yes, mom. It’s partly her fault too. Oh, she didn’t make me write book reports (okay, there was that one time when I made the mistake of telling her I was bored one summer). No, I picked up a lot of my histrionics from her. She of the ‘when I die…’ warnings. Then there were her catch phrases: ‘I died a thousand deaths!’ (I’m not kidding. She used to say this a lot.) and ‘I like to have died!’ She’s a bit dramatic. It’s hilarious, but it rubbed off on me.

I’m going to try to take a fresh look at my stories (my first MS and my second) and hope I can cut a lot of the crap out. I treated them with kid gloves, I think. I don’t mind wordiness, so why shouldn’t everyone? Er, no, that’s not the right attitude. I want to be published, so I have to bend like the blade of grass. Ohmmmm.

On a different note: I read um…let me think…I read Deep Kiss of Winter (had to pause before Gena’s story so I could re-read Enslave me Sweetly and Awaken Me Darkly before reading her contribution to DKW), then I read Darkness Unleashed by Alexandra Ivy. I started on Child of Darkness, but I couldn’t get into the story. So, let’s count: 4 books from Friday night to last night. Not bad, except now I don’t have any new books!!

That’s the end of my Monday morning complaining. Geaux Saints! They nearly gave me a heart attack yesterday, those naughty boys. I was screaming at the television, pouting when we were behind, and using a lot of choice words. Yeah, it was a great game, but I don’t appreciate the grey hairs it gave me.

Happy Monday, folks. Let’s hope it passes relatively quick.

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One response to “A Head Full of Words

  1. tonyakappes

    Hi Danica! Too funny about your description problem. I think it’s great. We writers hear too often that we aren’t descriptive enought. I say keep at it!

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