Fantasy Man Friday

Yes! It’s another Fantasy Man Friday and it’s also a gorgeous day. After the terrible weather we had last night, the promise of a new beginning was fulfilled. You know I’m not going to go straight to the wickedly hot man I’ve found for you today. I have to do my regular ramble 🙂

Yesterday when I got home from work, everything appeared normal (other than the whipping winds and torrential downpour). The animals were all snug inside, or so I thought. After being home for an hour, I realized I hadn’t seen one of the cats. Ty is 11 years old and crankier than that old man who yells at you for playing your music too loud. She normally comes out of her hidey hole a little while after I get home so she can go outside and stalk the evil pigeons and doves in our yard. She didn’t come out.

I tore the house apart looking for her, but didn’t find her. Then a thought occurred to me: what if she was outside and had been hit by a car, or picked up by the dog-catcher, or got her ass beat down by that mean stray in the neighborhood? Panic set in. I’ve had this grumpy, evil cat for a long time and I love her although everyone tells me that’s a distinct impossibility because of her personality. I called for her and by calling, I mean whistled. She always comes running when we whistle, but she didn’t show. I had to leave home for a meeting, but I almost didn’t go. I wanted to find my kitty!

We got home about an hour and a half later and she was sitting on the porch looking distinctly pissed because she was outside while wet stuff fell from the sky. I was never so happy to see her mean little face in my life! Regardless of her warning growls and yowls, I hugged her several times through the night. Ty is back home safe and bitchy. I couldn’t be happier!

So, on that note, let me dazzle you all with today’s offering.sexy_men_08

He’s a very dirty boy who needs to be washed. Um. Yeah. So Happy Friday, folks!

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