Ghost Lab and Ghost Stories

Back again, folks and I’m feeling better. Just a little sinus infection combo cold thing (at least that’s sort of what the doc said. I never really pay attention cause he has pretty eyes).

Anyway, last night I commenced to watch Dirty Jobs. I love Mike Rowe. He’s got such a great sense of humor and hello! that voice! So I watched Dirty Jobs and after it was over, picked up Alyssa Day’s ‘Atlantis Rising’ to re-read it when I saw this show called Ghost Lab. Now what I found really interesting, was they were at the Haunted Mortuary in New Orleans. This is a place I’ve heard of over the last couple of years, but haven’t visited yet.

I’m the kind of person who really does believe in the paranormal in terms of spirits, ghosts, etc. and as much as I’d love to go to the Haunted Mortuary, or House of Shock, or 13th Gate, I haven’t done so. I need to remedy this. Except part of me thinks, ‘Girl are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?!’ Yeah. But that isn’t the point!

This Ghost Lab goes around all over the US to prove/debunk paranormal activity in some of the country’s most haunted houses/places. I’m thinking…this is pretty cool. I’ve got to see the next episode. Which was Tombstone. People…watching some of the things that went on in those buildings and the graveyard of Tombstone gave me the creeps. I’m talking at one point, I had actual tears in my eyes. It might’ve been me staring at the screen so hard, but I think it was a hint of fear. Ahem. But you know what really creeps me out? The EVPs. I think this is called electronic voice phenomena and it’s downright freaky.

I’ve heard…gah, so many stories growing up. My mom talks about a house she lived in that was once a plantation home in town but was converted into apartments and how one Christmas Eve, it sounded like a party was going on when no one was in the house. My aunt’s current home has some weird crap going on in it like shadows moving, banging on the walls, doors shuddering and trying to open. In my current home, for a while after my stepfather died, my brother’s stereo would turn itself off and on. I’m talking go from complete no power to on and playing a song, then shutting itself off after a couple of minutes. I always thought it was a clock alarm, but no. It was a little crappy radio that you had to manually push a switch to turn on. Then there’s the feeling you get walking down the hall, like something’s waiting for you. Yeah. Is it any wonder I freak?

So how about you guys? Do ya’ll have ghost stories to share? Do you even believe in ghosts? Have you seen Ghost Lab?

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  1. Nottoway Plantation, the South’s largest remaining antebellum home, will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” on November 3, to showcase its unique ghostly spirits. The show entitled “Murky Water,” which will air at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time, showcases spirits from the past as well as the dramatic, multi-million dollar renovation that has just

    “Many of our employees have not only heard the rumors but have also sensed things in the halls of this beautiful home,” explained Dale Huval, general manager. “We’re not surprised that the ‘Ghost Lab’ team wanted to investigate further. This episode will not only showcase Nottoway’s paranormal activity, but the very ‘alive and well’ renovations that have returned this beauty to her original grandeur.”

    “Ghost Lab” has explored more than 70 locations across the United States for paranormal activity and set a new standard in supernatural research. Using some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment housed in a decked-out traveling “ghost lab,” brothers Brad and Barry Klinge mobilize this lab to this sprawling relic of the South with deep ties to the Civil War and the trauma of the times. Legend has it that Nottoway’s original owner still roams the mansion, dressed in black – lore made even more intriguing when Barry says he witnesses the spirit for himself.

    Brad and Barry learn that the alleged activity extends to unexplained voices and pictures flying off the walls. While investigating the third floor bedroom, a purported site of haunted activity, they notice that the raging Mississippi River is clearly visible from window. A team member takes a photograph that appears to show a ghostly woman’s face in the window. After ruling out environmental factors like condensation for the image, the Klinge Brothers theorize that the flowing water from the Mississippi is casting off electromagnetic energy toward the house, fueling the spirits inside.

    “The first time we set foot at Nottoway, we knew it had tremendous potential. The location is beautiful, yet spooky, with an amazing history,” said Ghost Lab Executive Producer Alan LaGarde. “Once we spoke with the staff about their experiences and also heard the guests’ stories, we were hooked.”

    With 53,000 square feet of living space, Nottoway is the largest plantation house in America. The mansion was completed in 1859 for John Hampden Randolph, his wife and their 11 children. Nottoway is the largest remaining antebellum mansion in the Southern United States and splendidly rests along Louisiana’s Great River Road in White Castle, at the heart of Plantation Country.

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