A Conspiracy

Last week, I saw someone blog about e-books, vooks, vs. traditional books. I put in my two cents, but since then I’ve given it a lot of thought. Now, I’ve read e-books, but only in novella format. Reading a 400+ novel on a computer screen *shudders*. It isn’t the book, but the format.

First of all, with my job, I spend 8-9 hours a day staring at a computer screen and that doesn’t include the time I spend writing in front of one. The few times I’ve attempted to read a longer novel on the computer, my eyes start watering, straining, headaches form, and I have to put it down. This is why I suspect the e-book format was born from a meeting of evil masterminds. Yes. You know who they are. Optometrists!! They’re the ones behind the e-book phenomenon. Just think of all the people who’ll need glasses, contacts, and corrective surgery after spending hours and hours staring at a computer screen to read a novel!

Okay, okay. So it probably isn’t part of a conspiracy. I’m all for people reading in any format they can get because to me, reading is one of the greatest joys a person can discover. Without the written word, we would’ve never stretched our imaginations enough to send a man to the moon. Encourage others to read. If it means having a kid sitting in front of a Kindle because it’s a novelty, it’s better than them sitting in front of a video game for hours on end.

Speaking of reading. I’m determined to pick up Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter’s book today. I have the intent of getting only that novel, but I know I’ll walk out of the bookstore with four others. I can’t help it. I’m helpless before my addiction!

So peeps, are there any books you’re looking forward to with bated breath? I’ve got a list of books that aren’t coming out until November (which is KILLING me). Anyone?


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4 responses to “A Conspiracy

  1. I’ve ordered Keri Arthur’s new one in the Riley Jensen series and C.L. Wilson’s fourth book in the Fading Lands books. Next week, cant’ wait.

  2. Sorry, and I totally agree. There’s something intrinsic in holding the book in your hand. I spend all my time on the computer. Go computers! BUT not for reading to relax. No way!

    it’s bound to happen though. I see the need for conservation and to cut down on returns as a boost to ebook sales but I think for years POD and a gradual move to ebooks with availability of both as needed will be the standard. Except for erotic romance I’ve never ordered an ebook.

  3. Thanks for the info about Kresley Cole…I had no idea the next one was out…I will be picking that up soon!

    I am a lover of “real” books that I can hold that is…I love the smell…that being said, my first short story is being released in e-book format this week…so I guess I should love that format as well!

    I think that I can handle the short versions of reading on the computer, but like you, I get a lot of eye strain when I stare at the computer for too long. Even on my IPod, the strain comes and so do the headaches.

    • I’m eagerly awaiting my Deep Kiss of Winter. Oooh. Just sends chills down my spine! If you’re a fan of Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter, there’s a hilarious author interview on youtube and an interpretive dance by Gena on Kresley’s books. It’s good stuff!

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