Fantasy Man Friday

Yup, it’s time for another Fantasy Man Friday. I love Fridays. Not only because it gives me a reason to browse through hundreds of pictures of hot men, but also because it’s the end of the week. I’m sure everyone feels this way,  yes?

So with the weekend approaching, I have to admit I haven’t touched my manuscript all week. I’m supposed to be editing it. *wince* Oops. I’ve just had so much going on, I don’t want to look at it without the proper mind set. Maybe I’ll be able to do a little editing tonight and this weekend although the weekend won’t be quiet either.

I’m a big music fan. Yeah, you’ve heard that many times before. Well, I love concerts although I don’t get out to as many as I’d like. I just have this thing about weeknight concerts. You don’t get home until midnight or later and I have to be up for work at 5:15. Ugh. Sleep is my friend and I like to spend a lot of time with it. Well, tomorrow night I’m going to see Shinedown, Cavo, Sick Puppies, and Adelita’s Way in New Orleans. This’ll be my first ‘pop’ rock concert. I tend to hit more metal shows than anything else although there was that one time my brother MADE me go to a Tegan and Sarah concert.

I was utterly miserable. It was horrible. First of all, I hated the music and secondly, it was just a weird vibe. I can handle myself in a crowd of punks and metal moshing heads, but put me in a room filled with mostly women and I feel claustrophobic. Ick. Anyway, I got off point. I’m sure it’ll be a good concert. I like the bands when I’m not wanting anything heavier, so it’ll be fun. Right? 😀

Maybe it’s something in my chemical make-up but I’m not a happy go-lucky person which is probably why the music my brother listens to grates on my nerves. Give me dark and brooding, growling and screaming any day of the week over girly voices. This state-of-mind transfers itself to what I find attractive in men. (Which brings us back to Fantasy Man Friday). Looking through today’s pictures, I realized most of the men I found attractive weren’t smiling. They were brooding and gruff looking. Oh, I can admire a pair of dimples like any other woman, but I prefer my guys to look dangerous. So here’s today’s Fantasy Man. I hope you enjoy because I sure enjoyed looking for him! He is smirking, but smirking isn’t the same as smiling, people!



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6 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. That isn’t so much a smirk but a confident “You want me. Here I am,” look.
    Yum. 🙂

  2. romancemama

    ODG, Danica! Where did you find him? Do abs ever really look like that?

  3. All right Danica! I just caught up on all your Fantasy Man Fridays and hands down, this guy is my favorite! OMG! I am so swooning on this guy! (not to mention breathing hard now). Geez…his body is absolutely perfect. I am in L.O.V.E!!!
    I know, I know, I’m married…but for petes sake! This is just plain cruel.

    He is why I write romances! hee hee

    • LOL, thanks Renee. I’m glad you enjoy my men. We have them every Friday (or Thursday if Friday is a holiday), so be sure to stop in again. You never know what I might post! Bhwahaha

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