Letting The Man Bring You Down

I was on a big high this morning. Yesterday I participated in two separate agent search activities and got nibbles from both. Of course I was excited! I floated on a cloud all morning. Then, The Man had to come into my office and burst my happy bubble.

I’m not going into all the gory details, but needless to say, I am not a happy cookie now. Especially since the problem we encountered wouldn’t have been a problem if the MEN I work with had communicated with me. Men. Pffth. This is why I write. I dream of the day when men actually know how to communicate.

Oh, not to the point where they’re eating chocolate with me and crying over movies. Lord no. I don’t even like to talk about ‘my feelings’ with people. I just don’t. I do, however, try to communicate clearly with people so they know what I need from them. This is all I’m asking. If I tell you I need this and stay off your back, then I expect you to do it. I’m not a nag. I won’t keep after you until you give in or find a priest to exorcise me.

I’m ranting. Need to stop. I need something to cheer me up again. What would do that? I don’t have access to chocolate, or beer, or my comfy pjs. What could possibly cheer me up enough to get through the rest of this emotional rollercoaster of a week?



That would do it…I think he looks like a great communicator, don’t you? I’d better watch it or I’ll end up showing ya’ll all my luscious man candy before Fantasy Man Friday!

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One response to “Letting The Man Bring You Down

  1. A lot of verbal communicating can be overlooked with that kind of visual input.
    Keep em coming.

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