I’m a big Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. Tim Curry was just so wickedly seductive, I can almost understand Brad and Janet partaking of forbidden fruit. It was the campy dialogue that really intrigued me though. Great lines in this movie and if you add the audience participation, it’s stellar!

So is that what I intend to blog about today? No, not really. I just needed a good title for my post 😀 Anticipation. It’s a killer sometimes, isn’t it? It makes our stomachs flutter with butterflies, it makes our mouths go dry, it makes our palms sweat. It’s nervousness and trepidation and excitement with just a tinge of fear. It can take place at any time or any place, getting on a rollercoaster, going on a first date, seeing an old friend, starting a new job. It’s so many things wrapped up into one little (well, not so little) word. Anticipation.

In keeping with this theme, I found a picture from another one of my favorite movies, Pitch Black. I just love Vin Diesel. Le sigh. So here’s the picture:



In this scene, our hero/bad guy Riddick is getting up close and personal with the Captain. Just look at her. She’s scared, not sure if he’s planning to kill her or kiss her. I think he would’ve kissed her. Of course, I’m a romance writer wanna-be. I HOPE he was planning to kiss her. This is anticipation at its grimiest and it’s sexy as all hell.

What are some of your favorite moments in anticipation from movies? Do you think Riddick was going to kiss or kill our fair heroine?


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4 responses to “Antici……pation

  1. romancemama

    Oh, don’t you love Dr.Frank N Furter! Tim Curry was dead sexy in that role. I have thought about using a picture of him in the pool after the floor show for my Wetsday boy, but I think many of my friends couldn’t cope with the bustier and makeup. I’m not usually into drag queens to say the least, but I luuuuurve him!!

    And congrats — I believe a partial is going out?!?!?!?

    • Thanks! I actually have two partials going out! One on the first manuscript and the other on the second as yet unedited manuscript. This is the second partial requested by this agent so she must like something! I’m so giddy I want to giggle, but my co-workers might think I’m crazed.

      As for Dr. Furter…hello! He was terribly seductive and sexy. He OWNED those fishnets and bustier! Okay, now I have ‘Don’t get hot and flustered, use a bit of mustard’ in my head for some reason, lol.

  2. Hi. What kind of paranormal do you write? Congrats on the partials going out. Hope you get some good news!

    Lynnette Labelle

    • I think what I write would be technically classified as ‘dark paranormal’ since my heroes and heroines don’t meet right away (or rarely) but I hesitate to classify my writing as ‘dark’ since I like to add a lot of humor. Thank you for the well wishes 🙂

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