Fantasy Man Friday

Morning all! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for us to ogle schexy mens…hm. But we’ll get to that in a moment. Of course I’m going to blather on about something, you should know me by now!

I’ve got plans for this weekend. Oh yes. I finished Succubus-in-Waiting on Tuesday and haven’t touched much of it since. I’m giving myself time to reevaluate where I want the story to go before I mess with it. So, today I’m going to be picking through it looking for those naughty filler words. I tend to use them a lot. You know the words I’m talking about: that, very, well, so, etc. I’ve tried making a conscious effort not to use them in the first place but since I write ‘organically’ they pop up. A lot.

Tomorrow I’m going to the big metropolis of Baton Rouge (that was sarcasm) to do some shopping, eat at Joe’s Crabshack (my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world) and watch Paranormal Activity. Has anyone seen the trailer for this? I got chills! Hopefully there won’t be a lot of Blair Witch Project type camera motions since those make me sick to my stomach (yeah, I’m a weenie).

Then, tomorrow night I will print my manuscript. Oh yes. It has to be printed and ready for severe edits before Monday morning as I’m in another workshop geared towards that. Then there’s an on-line agent pitch on Wednesday and a contest I’m entering.

Phew! So much to do, is it any wonder I’m all hot and bothered? Or could that be because this hottie found his way to my blog?



Yummy! I mean, seriously…he is stunning and schexy. Okay, I’ll end the post because I need to fan myself and I can’t do that and type. Enjoy the picture and have a great weekend folks.

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One response to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Way to ruin my day, Danica 😀 Now I’m all distracted and am fighting off plot turtles from that picture, lol!

    I know what you mean in regards to all those filler words; I use a ton of them. I read somewhere about (I think) 90% of such words aren’t needed. And whoever I heard it from is right, imo. I find my work tends to be much tighter after I’ve slashed out certain words (‘that’ is a _huge_ one for me).

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