Eye Candy

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I work in a shipyard. This means most of the men I see are in jeans and hardhats (which really do it for me…I get to see LOTS of eye candy). So, when a man walks in wearing a suit, I immediately have to evaluate him on a scale of 1 to 10.

Today one such man walked through this office. Gr-owl! Tall, maybe 6′ even, dark brown hair (not styled within an inch of its life, but just neat), deep, dark brown eyes (piercing even), a narrow, boyishly cute face, and a gorgeous smile. I’m not a suit kind of girl. I like blue collar guys, but this man. Wow. Cu-ute! (Have you noticed when I want to emphasize something I have to use hyphens?)

So that little bit of eye candy made my morning. Forget all of the data I’ve been putting in, forget my mind trying to break apart my finished MS, this guy was a cutie! I didn’t get his name though. He was with some little dude who was looking for someone else. I’ve gone off on a tangent, haven’t I? Sorry.

Oh and if none of you knew (which I’m sure isn’t possible since I’ve basically shouted it all over the net), I finished my 2nd manuscript yesterday. Booyah! doing my first edit either today or tomorrow. It helps that I’m in a Revision Hell Workshop with Candace Havens, so hopefully I’ll have this puppy edited in no time. 😀 Also working on plot points through another workshop for my next manuscript which I’m hoping to start in November. Rar!

So, do you get to see eye candy where you work? You know, UPS guys, the guy who delivers drinks or snacks? Anyone?


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2 responses to “Eye Candy

  1. Congrats on finishing your manuscript! I think I’m signed up for that workshop (most likely yes as I just finished a manuscript of my own), but I’m behind a bit with email.

    No eye candy where I am, at least none that catch my interest…I sometimes feel like I’m in the boones of nowhere, so that doesn’t help any. :/ One day! *crosses fingers* lol


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