When THE END Comes Around

So I’m in the final few scenes of Succubus-in-Waiting and I can feel my heart pumping. Is there anything more empowering than putting that last period on the page and knowing you’ve just finished a manuscript? Oh sure, it’s just a rough draft, but IT’S FINISHED! You’ve put your thoughts down on paper, struggled to keep your momentum, and now you have something to show for it.

It’s one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve experienced. I remember when I finished writing my last manuscript, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose, it was Independence Day and I ran around my kitchen table shouting ‘Dudditz!!’ (‘Dreamcatcher’ is one of my favorite movies.) I had done it! After suffering self-doubt, writer’s block, and months of writing nothing, I’d written a novel.

Now, that feeling has returned. I’m just one scene away from the end of Piper’s story and strangely enough, I think it’s way better than Ruby’s story. Which upsets me because I loved Ruby’s story. However, I didn’t have all of the workshops and advice for Ruby like I did for Piper. I just hope the editors who have Ruby’s story give me a chance to fix anything that needs fixing rather than turning her down.

In the meantime, tell me: how do you celebrate putting THE END on your manuscript? Do you treat yourself to chocolate? A nice dinner? A drink? Or do you immediately jump into the revisions?

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