A Blog Post on Saturday? Shocking!

And it really is shocking. I normally don’t get to sit at my laptop on the weekends. Okay, so it’s my own fault. Weekends are spent either shopping, cleaning house, reading (cough), reading, reading, or watching football.

However, I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Why? Well, it started with Cookie. I thought she fell in the toilet and got up to rescue her. Apparently, I dreamed it all. I got back in bed and tried to get back to sleep. I really, really tried. Except my brain wouldn’t let me.

Earlier this week, I blogged about how I lost my muse. Well, apparently she needed a break from me because she’s baaaaaack. She found me on Thursday and hasn’t left me alone since. So I got out of bed, put a big pot of coffee on, and started writing. I think I probably logged about 6,000 words today in fits and starts. You know, little breaks where I cozy up with ‘Lover Unbound’ (for the 4th time since I got it). I just love Vishous. Yummy. Um, anyway, so I’m in a groove and letting it take me wherever it wants.

As a result, I’m about 70% finished with this WIP. Yay me!!! I’m actually a bit surprised where it’s going. Since I’m a pantster, I go where my characters take me and this one has brought me to a place I hadn’t foreseen when I started writing. It’s so cool!

Just cause I’m in such a good mood…This is what I picture Vishous looking like. Gr…rrrrrr. Why am I suddenly thinking about Eartha Kitt in ‘Boomerang’ when she says, ‘Marcus, I’m not wearing any underwear.’ hahaha


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4 responses to “A Blog Post on Saturday? Shocking!

  1. Tonya Kappes

    I am a panster too!! Wellllll…let me clarify. I am a panster until about 20,000 words into it and I always have a couple endings in mind. After 20k I usually decided how many words I want and then divide that up into how many chapters I want and get a good count for each chapter. Then I make one point for each chapter. That's the only planning I do. Because my muse Lazy Lucy loves to hang on the chaise lounge waving her feather boa around until I let her ramble words out. We love eachother during the initial writing process and then she fights with me on edits. She never wants to show up for work during that time.
    I'm glad your muse is back!!!

  2. Danica Avet

    You and me both. Although I'm torn now. It's SUNDAY. Football day…she wants to write, I want to watch football and clean my house. Might have to lug the laptop around with me so we're both happy.

  3. KAK

    Such yummy eye-candy for the weekend. Now you've convinced me to go back and re-read Vischous's story just so I can plant *that* image in my mind during those tawdry scenes.

  4. Danica Avet

    LOL, V is just hawt!

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