Fantasy Man Friday

Morning all, this morning started out just fine. I got to listen to Misfits and Slipknot on the way to the office, which put me in a marvelous mood. Best of all, I was already pondering what picture I was going to use this morning.

I’ve decided to use two pictures. Maybe it’s because we’ve been having such gloomy, rainy weather that I was instantly drawn to two pictures featuring water…in the best of ways, mind you.

So here we are with today’s Fantasy Men.

Vin Diesel…ooh, that torso! I remember watching him in Pitch Black. In one particular scene he was fighting with the female captain in the mud. He grabbed her and spun her around in that mud and I quivered. It wasn’t a love scene, it wasn’t even romantic, but boy was it hot! Come to think of it, I think it was raining in that scene as well…maybe I just like a wet Vin Diesel. Hubba, hubba!

Next on my two-fer Fantasy Men Friday, is the Cleveland Browns Quarterback, Brady Quinn. I’m not a Browns fan (go Saints!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire their good-looking QB. I came across this picture and went ‘ooooh, he’s precious!’. Considering he’s only 8 years younger than me, he isn’t jail bait which is what most of those young football players are nowadays (disgruntled mumble). So, here he is doing his own water pose:

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