Weekend Warriors

I really hate Mondays. They always come too fast and last too long. The only good thing about Mondays as far as I’m concerned, is Monday Night Football and House. Of course, I still have to complain because House and football are playing at the same time.

I don’t have DVR, so it’s a matter of deciding whether or not I want to watch the game more than I do my favorite sarcasm-wielding doctor. This is okay with me. I’ve decided that television is going to rot my brain.

Case in point, I spent all day yesterday watching football. This isn’t anything new for me during the season. However, this is the first year I’m attempting to get some serious writing done as well. Last season, I wrote a little under half of Ruby’s story before football season and finished it well after the season ended (which included the Pro Bowl). I think I see now, why I didn’t write at all. I thought it was because I was fishing all last autumn, but I’m suspecting it’s because football doesn’t make me feel romantic and in love.

Oh sure, I love watching those big hulking men run back and forth across the field, slapping each other on the ass, sweating, grunting, wearing those uber tight pants. It just doesn’t say ‘romance’ to me. I came in today ready to write (or at least thinking I was ready to write) and found myself writing absolute trash. Just nothing worth saving. I’m disgusted! Where is my muse? I know where she is. She’s at home watching the NFL network hoping for a glimpse of her favorite players during game highlights.

Then, I just realize, I completely forgot about Fantasy Man Friday! Argh! So, in keeping with today’s subject:

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