Bernice Has Left Her Cake Out…in the Rain!

I’ve mentioned before that FF&P Chapter has been having a 60 Days to PRO Boot Camp going on. Well, when I first learned about it, I was like ‘what’s PRO anyway?’ like a complete noob. Is it some not-so-secret organization with a special password and a handshake? Is there an initiation? Will I have to promise my first born to be a part of this group? (Well this…could sort of happen if you hand your first-born manuscript over to an agent/editor. Meep. Big meep.)

After I imagined a scneario where I found myself skulking through the RWA corporate offices with nothing but a thesaurus and an ink pen to help me get through the gauntlet of professional writers who were there to test my mettle, I looked it up online. Always best to do this before you start coming up with worst-case scenarios.

According to the RWA website (and I’m going to trust them on this one, I didn’t sense a trap), “PRO was created to serve RWA members who are pursuing publication, but are still waiting for “the call” from a publisher. PRO promotes the interests of RWA members who have submitted at least one completed manuscript, but have not yet been published, and, to enhance communication between those members and publishing professionals.”

“Hm,” I thought as I tapped my chin. “This seems strangely easy, there has to be a catch.” Of course there isn’t. I’m just a bit melodramatic at times.

Today I put my application for PRO status in the mail. It was fraught with danger! The car was suffocating (from the intense heat). I had to navigate an obstacle course (to get to the Post Office) and I almost got a paper cut! Then, to make matters more dangerous and fantastical, by the time I got back to the office, it had started to pour down. So then I had to dodge rain drops in an attempt not to get my hair wet since my evil umbrella was sitting next to my desk. *Glares at said umbrella* My hair is now twice the size it was when I came in to work today and of course, it waved up. Bye-bye straight hair, hello Bozo. But the application was mailed off, now we just have to see if I met all the requirements as requested.

Disclaimer: There was no gauntlet at the RWA corporate office as far as I know. If anyone knows differently, let me know! 😉

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