Slow Start

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed that I didn’t post anything yesterday. Yeah, I felt weird about not giving my daily two cents, but my mom had surgery, so that took precedent over anything else. I think the most I did yesterday was check my e-mail and even that was iffy.

What’s today’s blog going to be about? Well, considering I was taking care of mom yesterday, I think it should be about mothers. Now, my mom is something else. She likes to go around saying she’s a little old lady, but if anyone else even suggests such a thing, she gets offended. Maybe not ‘offended’ so much as it puts her back up.

She just turned 60 this year and (I guess this is where I should say that my sister, brother, and I love to torment her in a nice way) she wanted a party. I kept telling her that all she was getting was a cupcake with a candle on it. Meanwhile, we were covertly planning a birthday party. Yeah, we knew that was all she wanted, but we couldn’t let her know we were doing it! When her birthday came around, she had no clue about the party and we surprised her but good. She loved it. Of course, she said we were trying to kill her because we scared her. It isn’t true though.

She wasn’t a conventional mother, I guess. She wasn’t a mom who made breakfast for us every morning (we were lucky if she made breakfast once a month), she didn’t help us with our homework (she kept telling us that she wasn’t the one in school, we were and it was up to us to learn what we needed to), and she didn’t believe in things like senior trips (once we graduated from high school we were expected to go to work). However, she was always there when we got our hearts broken by something or other, she always made sure we spent time with our families, and she taught us to think for ourselves. She frequently gets frustrated with us because we’re all as hardheaded as she is and we won’t listen to every pearl of wisdom she hands out, so we have to remind her that she taught us to make our own mistakes, opinions, etc. and stick with them.

Do I think my mom is unique? Well, yeah! I think she’s amazing. A strong woman who’s spoiled rotten by her kids. Have I mentioned that if we don’t buy her soft drinks or sweets when she wants them, she pouts? Oh yes. She pouts. She likes to have her own way (who doesn’t) and isn’t above using guilt to get it, lol. Mom’s favorite sayings are ‘When I’m gone, you’re gonna remember this’ or ‘When I die…’.

So is it any surprise that when it was said she needed surgery, all of her kids took off of work to wake up at 3 in the morning to take her to the hospital? I don’t think so. Is it any surprise that we ignored her medicated ramblings? I don’t think so. She’s mom. We pick on her, we love her, we’d do anything for her. She’s my role model and my biggest fan (even though she DID say my business cards looked like I was writing porn).

Oh, don’t worry folks. I haven’t forgotten about the contest. I’m extending the first week in light of personal stuff going on, so any comments made beginning last week until this Sunday will be put in the drawing for a book.

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