Fantasy Man Fridays

Today isn’t just another Friday. It’s also the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This brings to mind horror, grief, disbelief, and a lot of anger. It also reminds me that there are civil servants who are there to protect and save us from horrors such as this.

I have a cousin whose boyfriend is a volunteer fireman and when 9/11 happened, he was devastated. Just devastated. Everyone was, but I think it might’ve hit our civil servants harder. Was this something they could have prevented? Could they have saved more lives if more workers were out there? It’s something we’ll probably never know the answer to.

I don’t normally post in a serious tone and I hadn’t intended to when I began, but this was a serious moment in our nation’s history (and the history of the world for that matter). So do what you feel is right to honor those who lost their lives, those who saved lives, and those still mourning the tragedy.

Give it up to the police officers, the harbor police, the air force, marines, army, and navy. Give it up to those people who give their lives to protect us day in and day out. They deserve it.

Now, to go with our Fantasy Man Friday theme…is there anything sexier than a man who puts his life at risk to help others? An Alpha who does what needs to be done without hesitating? Who fears, but doesn’t let that fear stop him from protecting? I don’t think so.


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  1. romancemama

    Ok, is there anything braver than a man who will voluntarily go into a burning building? Hmm. I don't think so. Yes, they are the ultimate alphas. And whatever I can do to help them wind down after that long, hard (emphasis thereon) day, I am there.

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