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Ruby’s Interview

Hi all, once again I had trouble tracking down my prey for an interview, but I finally caught up with Ruby (or rather, her family caught up with me sneaking around their camp) at the camp of the Blood Maiden Tribe. Just FYI, these ladies are hell on wheels! I had so much fun with them, once they realized I wasn’t dangerous. As if!

The Blood Maiden Amazon camp is located BFE (or at least it seemed like it). It’s somewhere in Vermillion Parish, they wouldn’t let me tell you all exactly where. I’ll just say that it’s near a lake in the middle of nowhere. Going into the camp was an experience in itself. There’s this dirt track that sometimes goes under water and more often than not, you’re likely to see an alligator slipping away from the ‘road’ than you are anything else. It’s not the most habitable place I’ve ever been to, but I was determined to meet up with my heroine!

Ruby was working out when I got there, the tribe was doing the same. Someone had the Sex Pistols cranked up, so I didn’t have much trouble actually locating them. I did the ‘take me to your leader’ spiel and finally sat down with Ruby and her aunt, Queen Albreda, in this really sweet longhouse they built out there.

Ruby Fontenot-Blue of the Elk Fire Line’s stats:
Age: 30
Height: 6’2″
Weight: You NEVER ask a woman her weight and I wasn’t going to ask her
Eyes: Completely black, no pupil, iris, whites showing
Hair: Brownish red
Distinguishing features: Swirling red and orange tattoo beginning around her left eye in a swirling pattern that trails down her cheek, jaw, and thickening into a band around her neck. It was kick ass.

Danica: Hi Ruby! I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk with you forever! How are you?
Ruby: I’ve been better. My ass hurts-
Albreda: Cause she’s been falling on it so much. We have to get this girl trained up fast.
Ruby: Right. It’s nice to meet you, Danica. I’ve heard a lot about you.
D: So I’m guessing you heard from either Lucian or Jackson?
R: No, it would’ve been Pagan. She said you gave Lucian the third degree. Do you wanna be bff’s? (laugh)
D: So what can you tell me about Lucian.

People, let me just interrupt to let you know that Ruby is, and never will be, a push-over. She’s built like a brick house. I’d never want to meet up with her in an alley after stepping on her toes. But when I mentioned Lucian, she almost went all girly on me!

R: Not much to tell you about Lucian. I only met him about two weeks ago.
D: He’s hot (of course I’m not subtle, it’s not in my contract)
R: Yeah, he’s hot. But he’s also an ass. Do you know he kidnapped me and kept me at his house for almost two weeks?
D: So you’re saying the first day you met him, he kidnapped you? (I was sitting on the edge of my seat by now.)
R: Yes! I was having a nice dinner with some new friends I’d made, he walked in and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes!

I’m pretty sure I was drooling by this time. You all met Lucian. If he’d thrown you over his shoulder, wouldn’t you have been thrilled? I sure as hell would! I wanted to know more about what happened when he went caveman on her, but I am a professional.

D: Does he wear boxers or briefs? (Okay, I’m not all that professional!)
R: I should say ‘thong’, but he’d probably want to kill me. He goes commando.

We both fanned ourselves. That man without underwear…hubba, hubba!

D: So why did he kidnap you?
R: Ugh. You know I’m the last Lineage Chieftain, right? Well, he’s got this ‘duty’ to keep the Chieftain safe from big, bad Malachi and the Eturians, so he thought he’d just snatch me and I wouldn’t mind.
D: Could you tell our readers more about Lineage Chieftains?
R: Sure…uh, okay so I’m still learning about them. I wasn’t born to the role or anything. I didn’t even know I was an Amazon until recently. Anyway, the Lineage Chieftains have the ability to touch a person and see their entire family tree, past, present, and future. This is to help the Chieftain weed out who would make the best leader for their group.
D: That sounds so cool! How do you do that?

At this point, Ruby took off these fingerless gloves she was wearing to show me two circles tattooed on her palms. The circles looked like tribal wreaths and were colored in bold red and orange. They were very cool looking, but I didn’t want her touching me with them.

R: If I touch someone with my bare palm, I see their entire life, the lives of their families.
D: Wow, that must be mind boggling. So, what’s with the facial tattoo? What does it mean?
R: This is apparently the markings of my Chieftian line. I’m the last Chieftain of the Elk Fire line.
D: This whole thing must’ve taken some getting used to. How did you manage? You seem to be so at ease and comfortable with yourself that I can’t imagine you being surprised by anything.
R: Ha! I was a hermit, living alone in the swamps with nothing but my dog, Briggs, to keep me company and I liked it like that. I played my computer games, trapped in the swamp, shopped on-line. It was a good life. Julius, my predecessor, ended up in my shed and passed his abilities on to me. I panicked. The tattoos appeared out of nowhere and I had this weird Instinct guiding me. Pretty much, I was like a chicken with its head cut off.
A: She’s much better now, though. She’s finally come into her own.
R: With the help of my family and, yes, even Lucian, I’ve become the person I always wanted to be.

This was pretty profound. I’m not sure I was the person I wanted to be, but she seemed collected.

D: What kind of person did you want to be?
R: I want to belong. I wasn’t as happy alone as I thought I was. When I began moving around the Veil and learning more about the people within it, I realized that this is where I needed to be. The Veil needs my powers and I want to make a difference in the world. I can do that with them. Out there, in the mundane world, I was just another freak.
D: Wow. That is so amazing. I only have two more questions, if that’s okay?
R: Sure, I don’t mind.
D: What’s Lucian to you now?
R: Mais, that’s one helluva personal question!
D: I’m sorry…
R: It’s fine, I guess. I don’t know what he is to me. He’s sexy as all hell and I wouldn’t mind licking him from head to toes, but he’s bossy, over-protective, and he kidnapped me! It was also almost two of the best weeks of my life.
D: Last question. Where do you see yourself in five years?
R: I see myself living with my mother’s family (she gave her aunt a secret smile), helping the Veilerians who need me, and maybe meeting some nice, sane male to mate.
D: You don’t see Lucian in your future?
R: You just got your last question answered, sorry. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.
D: O-kay. Ruby, thank you again for agreeing to see me.
R: No problem. Do you want to hang around here a little? I think one of the hunters caught an alligator and we’re having it along with a fish fry tonight.
D: Hells yeah! (I’m a Cajun girl too, you know!)

So I got to hang out with the Blood Maiden tribe that night. They’re a group of fun-loving, rowdy, women who like to eat. A lot. I probably put on five pounds visiting with them, but it was worth it.

Look for Ruby and Lucian’s story, hopefully coming to a store near you before the end of the world.

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Lucian’s Interview

Hi all. I finally ran Lucian Ravenswaay down in New Orleans. I’m sure he let me do this since I’m not the most savvy and stealthy person on the planet. After pleading (pathetically) that he let me interview him, he agreed and we met up at his friend Jackson St. Marie’s bar, The Pit.

Lucian’s stats:
Age: 285
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 260
Hair: Black and red, shoulder length
Eyes: Green

He winked and people, this man has SEXY green eyes. I was drooling but he was gentlemanly enough to ignore it.

I was more than a little nervous. I mean, I KNOW who hangs out in this bar and I’m not talking about bikers. Jackie (he told me I could call him Jackie) was hanging out at the bar and looked far too amused to see little ole me trailing behind the Oculum-se. He sent over a drink. I guess he figured I needed Dutch courage to get through the interview. You can bet your sweet ass I gulped it down!

So, Lucian led me to a table in the back of the bar and I really didn’t mind walking behind him. He has the nicest derriere I’ve ever had the fortune to ogle. The front is even better, by the way. I kind of caught that by accident as he’d turned around while I was still looking at his butt. Niiice!

Without further ado, he sat me down and glared. It was time for the interview.

Danica: So, uh…thanks for meeting with me! (My voice was kind of squeaky…I hate it when it does that!)
Lucian: You didn’t give me much choice, Dani. You were making so much noise following me around, the demons were scared to come out.

He flashed a little fang, but I knew he wouldn’t go for my throat. I’m not really his type, like I’m O positive and he’s into rare.

D: What do you look for in a woman? (I decided to get right down to business. Have I mentioned he’s sexy??)
L: I like curves. I like a woman who doesn’t feel like she’s gonna break if I decide to play with her.
D: Have you met anyone who matches that description?
L: Only one person.
D: Um, okay. Do you have a favorite color?
L: Black, red, orange.
D: What’s the best night you ever had?

This is when he grinned and OMG people! OMG!! I think I wet my pants when he grinned, but back to the interview.

L: I was here one night when Pagan told me she found the last Chieftain. Man, I was hyped, but pissed off cause I’d wanted to hook up with these two blonds for some B&R-
D: B&R?
L: Blood and recreation.

L: Anyway, I went over to the Hotel d’Ours to wait for the Chieftain. I thought Pagan was joking with me when I saw it was a woman. Not just any woman either. This woman was stacked. Full hips, full chest, almost as tall as me.

Okay, I was jealous. This man was talking about a virtual Amazon if she was as tall as he was since he’s nearly six foot eight. He was also really into describing her body and I wasn’t going to look down at my own.

L: She was…wow.
Jackson: She was hot!
L: Shut the hell up! Don’t talk about her, or I’ll shove your head up your ass. Now, where was I?
D: She was wow.
L: Right, so I knew the minute I saw her, that she was gonna be something special. I wasn’t sure how special though.
D: What’s her name? Did you get it?
L: Chieftain Ruby Fontenot-Blue of the Elk Fire Line.
D: Where is she now?

His face closed up tighter than my mom’s when I asked her if she’d had sex before she married dad. I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth.

L: That’s classified.
D: Is it true that Malachi Cromwell, the Eturian leader, is after her?
L: He’ll die.
D: Um, okay. That’s fair. So, is it true what they say about vampires?

I really hadn’t meant that to sound so sexual, I had meant about the staking through the heart, sunlight and all that mess, but he’d just been about to take a sip of his Jack and Coke and spit it out all over me. I guess I need to work on my interviewing skills. Jackson appeared at the table and gave me a towel while smirking at Lucian. I really like Jackie.

L: What the hell kind of question is that?
D: I meant can you guys go out in the sun and all.
L: Oh. Okay, cause you’re cute, but I’m not interested.
D: Just answer the damn question! (I didn’t mean to shout, but he looked like he thought I meant business and not too insulted so I guess he would let me get away with it.)
L: Sheesh, calm down, lady! I didn’t mean to insult you. Hell. Before we transition, vampires are just like humans, but after the transition we become very similar to what you read about. We drink blood, we can go out in the sun, but it isn’t advised since it hurts after a while. We don’t live forever cause nothing is truly immortal, you cut some thing’s head off or stake something through the heart and it’s gonna die. We can’t make humans vampires, so don’t even ask.
D: Do you get that a lot?
L: What do you think? Ever since all those Underworld movies came out – by the way Kate Beckinsale in that catsuit thing?…mmm – we’re getting more people running to us if they suspect what we are. Could be at one time, we inspired fear. Now everyone wants to be bitten.

He wasn’t looking too happy, so I decided to change the subject.

D: What are your goals?
L: Get the Chieftain in a safe place, take out Malachi, finish this assignment and take over the seat I’ve been apprenticed to on Council.
D: For our new readers, what does the Oculum-se do?
L: The Oculum is the High Council spymaster and the Oculum-se is part of their network. We follow up on any rumors of rebellions, danger to the Council, and anything that might pose a problem for the Veil.
D: What do you do with the problems?
L: The Oculum trusts me enough to handle them how I see fit.

D: How so?
L: I eliminate problems.
D: O-kay…what is the Veil?

He sighed like he wanted nothing better than to throttle me.

L: The Veil is the community of ‘others’. We live parallel, within, and around your world. We are masters at blending in, well most of us are at least. Most of the time humans don’t even know we exist and we keep it that way. We hold jobs in every sector of the human world, but we only follow the laws of our High Council.
D: What races belong in the Veil?
L: Everything ‘other’, of course. (I think he was getting exasperated with me cause he rolled his eyes.) Vampires, werefolk, demons, angels, succubi, incubi, centaurs, minotaurs, elves, dwarves, fairies, you name it, we have it.
D: Can I get a copy of this for my website?
L: You realize that if you publish anything about the Veil, I’ll have to kill you.
D: Ha. Oh, you’re not joking. Um. I wouldn’t publish it per se…
L: Fine, I’ll loan you a book. Are we finished yet?
D: Just one more question: Where do you see yourself in five years?
L: Gods, I hate questions like that. Why do people ask that? Hell, I don’t know. I’ll be the Oculum and the Chieftain will be my sex slave. Now, are we done?
D: Sure, thank you so much!
L: Yeah, just don’t tell anyone about this, okay? I really would hate to kill you.

He walked away without another word. I spent several minutes trying to catch my breath. That was one intense male! Now I just have to figure out where Ruby is and get an interview from her too!


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Fighting the Cynic

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a pretty cynical person. For the longest time, I called myself a closet romantic because even though I read romances, I wasn’t sure that I believed in the love I read about. I’m sure college had a lot to do with that (when all else fails, blame everything on college!).

However, I do believe in love. I believe that there is someone out there meant just for me (yeah, I’m single. meh) and that when I finally find him, we’ll be together forever. I’m a child of divorce and remarriage. I grew up with two homes although I only counted one of them as ‘home’. I saw the bad side of marriage, but I also saw the good side. Unfortunately, the bad side seems more prevalent than the good, so sometimes I have to remind myself that love does exist.

Reading (and now writing) romance gives me a way to explore how powerful love really is. As a history major, love has been used as the cause for everything from war to torture to historical monuments to sacrifice. It is, I believe, at the root of all our lives whether we believe in the happily-ever-after or not. That’s what romance books are about. It’s learning about this fickle, overwhelming emotion and what causes reasonably sane people to do crazy things.

So yes, sometimes (especially after reading or watching the news or hearing about the new woman my uncle found online) I am the cynic, curling my lip at the idea of love and romance, but the romantic always wins out.

I think I might be able to get back to my work-in-progress now. I feel like I’ve got the muddle out of my head.

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Character Interviews

Hi everyone. So, I’m thinking about giving my blog a little more pow by interviewing the characters of my first finished book. What I want to know, is if anyone out there would be interested in reading about them (if I can get them to pay attention to me while I ask questions instead of making goo-goo eyes at each other, that is!).

I’d like to get some followers on this blog so that I can entice Lucian and Ruby into wanting to do the interview. They’re stubborn as all hell and more than likely won’t want to talk about anything but each other, but I’m hoping I can get them to answer a few questions about the Veil, the Council, and the Eturi.

Here’s a little background on ‘Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose’:

Ruby Fontenot is a recluse in South Louisiana who lives for her independence. She finds herself accidentally inheriting some of the most unique powers in The Veil, the supernatural community that exists parallel to the human world. She becomes the last Lineage Chieftain in existence and as a result, has become the most hunted being in the world. Who’s she hunted by? The High Council, the Veil’s governing body, and the Eturi, the Veil’s worst nightmare.

Lucian Ravenswaay is the vampire apprentice to the Oculum, the Council Spymaster. He’s been searching for the last Chieftain for years and when he finds out Ruby’s it, well, you can imagine his shock. The Chieftain has never been a female, not to mention he thinks she just might be his life-mate. Oh, did I mention that he’s terribly protective?

Throw in a dog with gastrointestinal problems, wise-cracking Amazons, and a malicious mentor and you’ve got the recipe for disaster, or one hell of a love story.

I will get these two characters to give us an interview, trust me. If anyone has anything they’d like to know, leave a comment or e-mail me at

Til then!

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Oi for Monday

It was a lovely weekend. My birthday was Saturday and I really had a wonderful day. Very calm, very relaxing, but that isn’t the point of this post.

You see, I’ve been re-reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I LOVE these books. Even though I’ve read the series start to finish at least twice before now, when I pick them up after a while, I still crack up laughing at the monkey on Lulu’s back, Grandma shooting the roast chicken, and any other of Stephanie’s crazy life. What got me to thinking was, if you’re a fan of the series, you know how Stephanie ranks birthday cake up there before sex. Morelli thinks sex comes first, but she thinks birthday cake should come first.

Well, as a result of reading this entire series over the last week, when my birthday rolled around, I didn’t have a ‘real’ birthday cake. I went to dinner with my immediate family and left the restaurant with a slice of the most sinful chocolate cheesecake with fudge and caramel sauce topped with pecans. It was so good, I can’t lie: I drooled a little bit. Mm, that cheesecake was divine!

However, yesterday morning, I finished reading Ten Big Ones and of course, Stephanie was going on about birthday cake. I put the book away and decided I needed to do my weekly shopping. I headed to town (down here, you’re either going down the bayou, up the bayou, or ‘going to town’ even if you live in town) to get some food for this week. I’m wandering around the grocery store, picking up things and somehow I found myself in front of the bakery. There, sitting on a shelf, was a beautiful white icing birthday cake with a red border and huge red roses. Even better, it was a chocolate cake. So what does a Stephanie do when she’s confronted with this temptation? You bet! I made room in my basket for the cake. It’s now sitting on the counter at home looking like it was butchered. No, I didn’t eat it by myself, I had a lot of help.

So I just wonder how often it is that we get ‘inspired’ or ‘persuaded’ to do things from the books we read. The birthday cake isn’t the first time I’ve found myself thinking ‘oh man, that sounds REALLY good right now’, whether it’s swimming, or having a few drinks, or buying a birthday cake I really don’t need.

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How can a Friday be ‘blah’??

Well, I’m not sure how it’s managed, but I’m having one. I think I was okay until I got to the office. In fact, it might not be me at all, it might be all of the onions that were chopped have sunk into my brain and eyes making it impossible for me to think. You see, I work in the oil industry (lots of men in hardhats ‘hubba hubba’) and the bosses like to cook. Unfortunately for me, my office is right next to the kitchen so anything they cook filters in here and I smell like whatever they cooked that day. Fried shrimp? You got it. I walk out of here at the end of the day smelling like fried shrimp. So much for my expensive perfume!

I need to get some writing done today, but I just don’t know if I have the…I don’t even know the right word. This is a further example of why I shouldn’t be subjected to their cooking ventures. It rattles my brain and I’m useless!

Or maybe it isn’t any of that. Maybe it’s because tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m beginning to feel the ‘getting-older-blues’. Hm, I doubt that. Birthdays don’t bother me. I don’t mind getting older.

Maybe I’m just under the weather. That’s got to be it! Thanks so much for letting me work this out for myself!

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I’m having a heated debate with my best friend in the world. She and I have been friends since we were 13 and even though we have a lot of things in common, we don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Today’s discussion is about the Lifetime network. She claims to love it. I’m not a fan. I’ll watch it come August 20, but that’s because Project Runway will be playing there now. No, my problem is the docudrama.

See, as a single woman (and a romance writer), I want to believe in love and happiness…even if the cynical part of me calls the romantic side a fool. So, sitting down to watch a Lifetime docudrama is BAD. Think about every docudrama you’ve ever seen on Lifetime. Some woman is either being abused, cheated on, murdered, kidnapped, raped, or having her children taken away from her by her husband, her mother, her ex-boyfriend in college, her neighbor, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, a total stranger, the person she talks to at the bus stop, or she has a eating disorder that kills her, that’s another one. It isn’t very pretty. It depresses me. I believe the last movie I watched on Lifetime was about a porn actress who either killed herself or someone else killed her. I was unemployed, sick with pneumonia watching this movie, and I couldn’t. Leave. The. Room. Now I don’t even bother flipping to that channel.

I keep telling people that if they showed docudramas like this in Sex Ed classes, teen pregnancy would probably go down. No offense, Lifetime! I know a lot of women who adore that channel, spend hours – hell, entire weekends- watching it, but not this cookie!

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Bruce Dickinson and Steve Irwin

I don’t normally blog twice in one day, but something has been on my mind and I just have to come out and share it with everyone.

Bruce Dickinson was on Heavy: the Story of Metal a few months ago (maybe a year ago) and he was wearing this hat that made him look like Steve Irwin to me. Now, if you don’t know who Bruce Dickinson is, he’s the lead singer of Iron Maiden. This man can SING. He’s got some vocal chords on him! I try singing along, honest I do, but my voice can’t reach the same pitches he can. It’s ridiculous. I admire his music.

Steve Irwin, as I’m sure everyone knows, was the Crocodile Hunter. I thought he was a great host.

So anyway, back to the point of this post. While I’m watching this documentary on Heavy Metal, Bruce Dickinson is interviewed and I swear, he looked just like Steve Irwin! He’s talking about heavy metal and I keep waiting for him to say ‘Danger, danger’ while pointing out Blackie Lawless’ exploding codpiece. Of course, now that I finally got around to blogging about it, I can’t find a picture of Bruce during that episode, nor the correct picture of Steve Irwin to reinforce what I saw!

It was interesting and it startled me every time I saw Bruce interviewed. He was wearing what I found out could be called a ‘slouch hat’ which is a wide brimmed hat with one side pinned up to the crown. It was insane!

Anyway, if it ever comes on VH1 again, please look for it.


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Music and Romance

Yesterday I found myself wanting/needing to listen to punk music while I worked on a particular scene in my MS. This isn’t unusual since I find punk music keeps me buoyed. I did get a lot written, but all of a sudden, I realized that it isn’t necessarily the punk music that I like, it’s the words they use.

This got me to thinking (and this can sometimes be a very dangerous past time) and I noticed that some of the songs I just HAVE to listen to have one important word in them: oi. For example, T.N.T. by ACDC, Barroom Hero by Dropkick Murphys, among many. I have no idea why I like the word. Strange, but then I’ve gotten used to being dubbed strange.

Anyway, so I got my Sex Pistols punk mood under control and wrote. When I put away the story and relaxed last night, I’m flipping through the channels and guess what’s on? Sid and Nancy…Sid and Nancy, almost like a divine sign! Is there anymore strange, twisted, and tragic love story other than maybe Fatal Attraction? This meant I couldn’t go to bed early like I’d wanted to. Gary Oldman is just riveting. I watch it like it’s a train wreck that just happened. I can’t help it. Gah. Okay, so I got off topic, this is something everyone (whoever reads this that is) should be used to!

I’ve got to find some motivational music now. Maybe some Kool & the Gang…there isn’t a movie about them, right?

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Have I mentioned that I’m naturally lazy? I keep insisting it’s because I’m a Leo. You know, the whole ‘big cat lazing about on the Savannah’ but no one believes me. The thing is, when I’m motivated, I’m a beast. When I’m not, eh. Well, you get the idea. Naps, snacks, naps, and naps.

I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. Hell, most of my pictures from childhood show me with tangled (just-woke-up hair) and a sleepy smile. I am just not a perky person, but I’m fine with that. There are enough perky people out there as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, in reading over the weekend, I realized that there are a lot of things I missed in my finished manuscript. Obvious things that if I hadn’t read a couple of novels, I wouldn’t have picked up. Crazy. Now I have to sit down with the MS again and add scenes, but it’s fine by me. It gives me more time with my baby.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain to anyone who doesn’t write, just how I felt when I finished the first edit. I turned the last page of my manuscript, red pen in hand, and just smiled. I smiled because I LIKE my story. It’s funny, it’s touching, it’s fast. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything so fast before and I mean fast in the action never stops way. It feels…right 🙂

Anyway, enough of me gabbing about my baby because I was told that I need to learn to accept criticism. What if someone told me my baby was ugly? Would I cry? I don’t know. I tend to cry more for happy things than bad things. I’ll bawl my eyes out over something positive before I’ll cry about something sad. That might have something to do with my naturally pessimistic attitude. If something bad happens, well I knew it was going to happen, yes? But if something good happens, I’m totally unprepared. This is the reason I can never win the lottery or anything like that. I’d cry and cry and people would think I was nothing more than a sap. *sniff*

Is it obvious that I’m writing this blog to keep from opening my MS? It isn’t reluctance so much as the laziness I mentioned before. *yawn* I feel another nap coming on.

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